The Archer Cast: What’s In Store For Season 12

Archer Season 12
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The release date for Archer Season 12 is yet to be revealed and we still don’t know what will happen in the story. However, there are some interesting facts about the cast and crew that might give you a little taste of what is coming up!

About the story of the yet to be released, Archer Season 12:

The story is still unknown and it’s not possible to know what story will happen because this season might have two different plots inside one episode or maybe even more than that!

Interesting facts about the cast and crew of Archer Season 12:

– H. Jon Benjamin voices the titular character and executive produces

– Aisha Tyler is a voice actress, producer, comedian on her own show “Girl Code” on MTV

– Archer’s story takes place in the year 2017! However, because of the show, these events take place in a parallel universe where World War II ended with Adolf Hitler murdering himself on April 30th, 1945 and all other WWII conflicts followed suit as well.

– In one episode Lana was kidnapped by ISIS who had mistaken her for an agent from Mossad named “Aliyah Sayeed” that was infiltrating their ranks at that time. It turns out she wasn’t but they still kept her hostage anyway until Malory rescued them later using Cheryl Tunt (her daughter)’s private plane.

Release date of the series Archer Season 12:

The release date for Season 12 of Archer has not been announced yet. However, we do know that it will be in 2017!

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The release date for season 12 is unknown but it will be sometime this year (2017)! We also don’t really have any idea what might happen in the storyline or even if there are two different plots happening inside one episode. It’s unclear at this point how many episodes will come out per season either because they may release more than just ten episodes like normal seasons tend to contain or less than that number!

Plot speculation: What could happen?

We also have no indication of what might happen in the storyline. And, there is a chance that only ten episodes may come out instead of the normal twenty-four!

The release date for season 12 of Archer has not been announced yet and because we are without any information on what to expect, it’s hard to predict exactly what would take place in future seasons! However, some fans speculate that they think that either Pam or Cheryl may end up being pregnant within these upcoming episodes as well as Lana having an unknown child with her new relationship. while Pam or Cheryl may end up pregnant in these final episodes of the series! Some fans speculate they think either one might get pregnant within these upcoming episodes too. What would take place in future seasons?!

He also revealed some information about what might happen within  the storyline during these final installments: “Archer’s mother is coming back,” which will probably cause trouble for everyone on Captain Murphy’s boat, and ever so often we’ll see Sterling as an old man!” This should be interesting to watch unfold! Guesses?

Stories on how well Sterling treated his mother? Interesting facts like that one time he was “willing” to be gay or when he tried being Jewish? That would make some interesting blog post content 🙂 How are your predictions going?

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