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Morningside Maryland Staff : Who made me a princess has at its centre the character of Athanasia de Alger Obelia and depicts her life and familial relationships while also touching on the aspect of romance by bringing about her love story to the fore. This Korean webtoon has captivated the hearts of anime lovers worldwide with its rich graphic visuals, good storyline and outstanding character portrayals. This series is an adaptation of a web novel written by Pluto, and the show was illustrated by Spoon. With a pack of enjoyable three seasons, Who made Me a Princess has received immense love from the global audience, with the last season premiering on 30th November 2020. 

Who Made Me A Princess Wiki

The series is a perfect combination of fantasy, romance and comedy. The protagonist, Athanasia de Alger Obelia, hails from South Korea and is a forsaken princess of the Abelian Empire. Suffering a significant shock after being murdered by her father, Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia, Athanasia leads a fearful life and strives to hatch a plan to sustain her in this world constantly. 

Athanasia has innate goodness in her. Her father had falsely charged her for poisoning her younger sibling, Princess Jennette Margarita. To save herself from the ill fate with which she was born, Athanasia makes up her mind to defy her fate at any cost by behaving more affectionately with her father. The suspense builds as the audience keeps guessing the plan by which she will stick to. Will she live an inactive, silent life to not come within the notice of the king? Or, will she accumulate wealth from the palace treasury and flee from the palace? The show holds all the answers to these questions. 

Who Made Me A Princess Lucas

In this webtoon, Lucas plays the role of a magician of the Black Tower and possesses powerful supernatural abilities. He is an ancillary character and supports the protagonist in several instances in the series. 

Though he behaves with utmost discipline and courtesy in public, Lucas is distempered from within. He is way too self-conscious and has the power of manipulating other people to fulfil his intent. However, he is extremely benevolent and worked towards balancing the uncontrolled spiritual life force energy of Athanasia. 

Who Made Me A Princess Wattpad

As it is known to all of us, Wattpad is a website that also has its app designed to let people read stories and authors publish their works. Wattpad offers many Who Made Me A Princess stories that you can easily read from this great platform. The reports include The Lovely Princess and Her Knighty Brother, Loathed Treasure, His Empress, and many other titles. 

Who Made Me A Princess Spoiler Forum

If you wish to know some intriguing facts and come across some spoilers, the forum of Novel Updates will be providing you with the same. It is a community of anime and webtoon lovers. All your questions regarding the show will be answered by the users who have an account on the Spoiler Forum. 

Who Made Me A Princess Season 3 Wattpad

In Wattpad, you can read the tale of all the parts of Who Made Me A Princess, and that does include the Season 3 plot, too. 

Who Made Me A Princess Brother

In Who Made Me A Princess, king Claude de Alger Obelia had a brother called Anastasius de Alger Obelia. The latter was the right heir to the throne. But, unfortunately, the greed of Claude made him persecute his brother Anastasius and thus acquired the throne by dishonest means. 

Who Made Me A Princess Penelope

In the show, Penelope is a supporting character. She is also the mother of the character Jennette Margarita. She is absolutely beautiful and highly ambitious. However, she seems to cast a spell on others with her royal looks and is way too manipulative. Sadly, she passed away at the instance of giving birth to her daughter Jennette. She was earlier engaged to Claude de Alger Obelia. 

Who Made Me A Princess Roger

Roger Alpheus is yet another supporting character and is the father of Ijekiel Alphus. He is richly dressed in exorbitantly priced gowns and jewels. He is also the duke of the Abelian Empire. However, he bears a respectful attitude and is quite ambitious. 


Who Made Me A Princess is an enthralling show that keeps the audience hooked to their screens. The world of fantasy and royalty with vibrant graphics make it all the more appealing.

 Have you watched the show? How well was the execution of the storyline? 

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