Taylor Swift A Top Fangirl Of The Hit Show ‘FRIENDS’: Know About Her Passion For It

One of the best songwriters of all time, Taylor Alison Swift, is well known for her narrative songwriting. You will be amused to know the lady, who has a huge fan following, herself is a top fangirl to a show named ‘FRIENDS’. She is an American songwriter and a singer as well. At a very young age, of about 14, she signed as an artist by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house. After she signed her first record deal at the age of 15. She enjoys a huge fan base.

Who is Taylor Swift? How Excited She is for the Show ‘FRIENDS’?

Taylor Swift is one of the most gorgeous and stunning artists in the world. She is the most popular among all other singers. She had won many awards and had also made her special position in the industries of singers. At a very young age, she had gained a very enormous fan following. She broke out many previous records with her wonderful songs. A very interesting thing that came into the light is that she is a very huge fan of the hit show, ‘FRIENDS’. She revealed her excitement and fondness about the show many times in most of the interviews. She spoke about her love and craziness about the show and how delighted and pleased she feels every time she watches it. She revealed the fact she likes to watch the rerun of the show and every time her zeal for it remains the same. Her expression when she met Lisa Kudrow on the stage and the way she expressed her love reveals her love and affection for the show.

The world’s most-watched TV show, ‘FRIENDS’, is very popular since it began to run. It ran over Sitcom for about 10 years. The show is even popular at this time and has also won many awards, accolades, and nominations. The shoe is full of fun, adventures and much other fantasy that comes into individual life. The excitement of showing increases episode by episode and it’s the same for Swift. Almost * times she spoke for her excitement for the show.

Here are the times when she made it public: Taylor Swift

  1. In one of the interviews with Vogue, Taylor swifts revealed that FRIENDS is her all-time favorite TV show. She loves to watch all episodes of the show with full zeal and also she is a huge fan of it. Her affection for the show is too much.
  2. She wished to be the lyricist of the theme song of FRIENDS. She said it by herself in the interview with Vogue about the song she wished to write. She responded in a way saying “the theme song of FRIENDS, I’ll be there for you!”
  3. ‘FRIENDS’ is the TV show to which she is hooked forever. Many times in interviews she mentioned that she loves to watch the rerun of the show. Also, she never gets bored of watching it again and again. These prove her deep love for the show.
  4.  With one of the cats of the show, ‘Lisa Kudrow’, Taylor Swift performed a song. Lisa Kudrow played the role of Phoebe Buffay in the show. The song that was performed in her presence was ‘Smelly Cat’. It’s a kind of a comedy song.
  5. She made reference to an episode in some other interview. In the referenced episode you can find about Monica and Chandler. She never gets bored talking about the casts of the episode. She loves to talk about them.
  6. Taylor Swift tried to do a replica of the theme song of the show ‘FRIENDS’. She performed it in the opening of her Reputation Stadium Tour. She recreated it with a fountain behind her and it was really very awesome. She just rocked at the concert and the performance was truly ironic.
  7. In one of the chat sessions with the fans, when she was asked to name a twin cat pair. She responded in a quick manner and said, “Monica and Chandler”. She gave the name to the two-week-old Kittens after the name of the cast of the show, ‘FRIENDS’.
  8. Taylor Swift shows her love for the show and says that she never feels lonely when she watches the episodes of the show, ‘FRIENDS’. She also revealed it on Tumblr and adds that whenever she is alone at home she used to watch the show.

Final Verdict: Taylor Swift

All these points clearly show her love and affection for the show. All the points seem like she is the only fan of it. FRIENDS is a very awesome show and she is a very big fan of it.

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