American Horror story 1984

American horror story 1984: all characters played by Leslie Jordan

There are many great things about the much loved Ryan Murphy’s American Horror story 1984 that is a horror anthology set in different times, places, and themes. Anticipating the theme and which of our favorite stars will cast in the next season are a few of the most talked-about aspects of the show. Most of us have multiple favorite characters in the show, and a few of them are characters played by Leslie Jordan. They are majorly loved because he mixes with them his personality. The 2006 Emmy award winner has showcased his talent in 3 of the seasons in the series. Lesley made his American Horror Story debut with the third season named ‘Coven,’ where he plays the role of a warlock. 

Recently, Murphy released the names of casts on Instagram that will appear on season 10 of American Horror Story. Sadly, Leslie was not one of them. The shooting of Season 10 is currently paused due to the lockdown ensued by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not sure whether the show will be released by the end of 2020 or next year. In one of his interviews with ‘The Wrap,’ Murphy said that this particular season was weather-dependent, and now he is unsure whether he will accelerate the season or wait for next year to shoot this one. 

Well, whatever his decision, we are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the series. 

Jordan has taken to Instagram to show us his isolated life in an Air BNB as he got stuck in Chattanooga during the pandemic. Since he has been entertaining us all these days with his childhood stories while twirling a back scratcher, we thought of reminiscing the characters he played in American Horror Story. 

Here is an overview of all the characters he played in the show:

Coven – Quentin Fleming

Season 3 of AHS, ‘Coven’ takes place in 2013 in New Orleans and revolves around a coven of witches who survived the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ and are now struggling to keep their identities hidden. With mystery, magic, murder, hidden agendas, voodoo, Witch hunters, rivalry, tests to become the Supreme, Leslie balanced out the emotional overload with a much-appreciated sense of humor. Jordan plays a minor role as Quentin Fleming, a member of the coven, a Salem warlock, and a famous writer.

We can see glimpses of Leslie’s personality shining through Quentin Fleming, like when he talks about his tough life as an author, “Oh, my life is pure torment. One book signing after another. Travel, travel, travel. It’s like, get me off the bestseller list already.” His flamboyant personality draws us towards his characters and leaves an everlasting impression even if his characters die in every season.  

Roanoke- Ashley Gilbert OR Cricket Marlowe

The 6th season of the series revolves around Roanoke’s lost colony and supernatural events that unfold during the blood moon at a renovated farmhouse that has been recently occupied by a couple.

Lesley plays the role of Cricket Marlow( through Ashley Gilbert), a famous medium who finds missing children, which was why he was summoned to help the couple residing in the haunted farmhouse to find their daughter. Being the gifted medium that he is, he locates their daughter, and this is what he tells the Millers, “The spirits are dark and malevolent, and they do indeed have your daughter. But I can take you to her—$ 25000. I take Visa, MasterCard, Discover…” lightening our moods through the scene. We can see his versatility as he plays the role of Cricket Marlow in ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’ and an eccentric medium who flirts with the driver during his uber ride.

After the ride, unfortunately, he is butchered quite horrifically.   

American Horror Story: 1984- Courtney

Set in the titular year, 1984, the story revolves around a summer camp that has been renamed “Camp Redwood.” This season had many mysteries unveiled through flashbacks as the story progresses and shows a connection to previous seasons.

Lesley plays the character of ‘Courtney,’ a colorful and loyal assistant to Margaret, the founder of Camp Redwood, and a serial killer. He follows Margaret’s order and cleans a murder scene in Camp Redwood, where he starts noticing the ghosts of the victim, and Margaret pays for his loyalty by shooting him. In his afterlife, Courtney participates in the killing of Margaret and murders Ramirez to save Bobby. He awaits his turn to torture Margaret.

Even though the fans got small doses of Lesley’s comedy, it still made everyone happy. And as eagerly we are awaiting the next season of AHS, we hope to see more of Lesley’s acting down the line. 

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