The Miniature Studio Can turn Yourself Into A Bobblehead

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  1. What is a bobblehead?
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In the past few years, the custom bobbleheads tend to be one of the most popular gifts. There is no wonder that most of the customers are willing to buy the best custom bobbleheads.

The Miniature Studio, An Indian based bobblehead company can turn your picture into a customized handmade bobblehead.

What is a bobblehead?


a figurine with a disproportionately large head mounted on a spring so that it bobs up and down, often made as a caricature of a famous person.


Since most of the dolls are made from resins which are resistant to water and vibration, the customers haven’t to worry too much about the service lift of the custom bobblehead.

However, unlike other gifts, the personality is the main factor that attract people to buy the custom bobbleheads. Every customer want to show their features in detail through the dolls. In order to make a satisfied doll, the customers need to have a conversation with the manufacturers face to face or online. They should make sure that every feature they want to show has been explained clearly to the sculptors.

The price is another factor that may confuse the customers while purchasing custom bobbleheads. To buy the best doll doesn’t mean to ignore the price. In order to reduce the price of the dolls, the customers will have to reduce the size of the dolls. As we all know, the smaller the doll is, the lower the price is.

In one word, the customers should take both the personality and price in consideration to buy the best custom bobbleheads. So a wonderful conversation between the customers and manufacturers is necessary.

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