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Stars among the Cosmos – Can HUH Token and Tron make it to the Moon?

The year 2020 was the most successful year in terms of market growth for cryptocurrencies in their known history. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, such as Solana and Binance, all had significant growth during this period. However, there is always an undercurrent of apprehension that echoes across the cryptosphere as predictions point to a continuation of the current trend of fluctuation fears in the future years.

Some cryptocurrencies have grown solely on the strength of memes.

Some of these cryptocurrencies are just hype-driven bubbles that will burst, whilst others, such as Cosmos and its ATOM cryptocurrency, are designed with usefulness in mind, such as efficiency. To the social media-focused cryptocurrencies, such as HUH Token and TRON.

With the Cosmos idea, they are seeking to tackle the most difficult aspects of the blockchain industry; they want to assist in increasing the system’s speed and efficiency, as well as making the system more environmentally friendly and infinitely more scalable. To do this, they intend to deal with the proof-of-work methods that are used by Bitcoin, and instead of using them, they want to construct an interconnected ecosystem of blockchains. In order to do this, more inter-blockchain communication and prevention of fragmentation in the sector will be implemented, resulting in a more stable cryptocurrency as a whole.

Cosmos has self-described as Blockchain 3.0, and they want to achieve it via the easy usage of modular software, which will enable networks to be constructed in pieces of code that currently exist. Because of this emphasis on utility, investors have flocked to this currency, knowing that it has its sights set on the future and is committed to innovation.

Currently, the trading volume of their currency, ATOM, has achieved around an astounding $420,000,000 in the previous few days, placing it in one of the top 30 positions on

TRON is attempting to present itself as a platform for content producers, providing them with the chance to communicate with their audience on a personal level. The motivation behind this is to eliminate the middlemen from streaming services, music websites, and app stores in order to enable the artists to earn a higher commission. This is accomplished by moving these regions to a decentralised system. As a result, it has the ability to boost revenues for the producer while simultaneously decreasing expenses for the customer.

The implementation of this will take place in six steps, the first of which will be the creation of a file-sharing application that is both basic and dispersed in its functionality. After that, they want to begin earning financial benefits from content production, and eventually, they hope to establish a decentralised game industry with its own token economy.

This is just the beginning. This seems to be doable, given that TRON is an immensely popular cryptocurrency for developing blockchain-based applications (DApps).

However, despite the fact that meme coins are just riding the wave of popularity, it is difficult to ignore their enormous earning potential.

For example, the Shiba Inu coin reached an incredible high point in October 2021. If you had invested $1000 in this currency in February 2021 and then sold it at the peak, you would have made an estimated $11,000,000 profit, according to the current exchange rate.

It’s difficult to overlook the political force behind these movements, especially when the movement has an appealing but lofty goal, such as Dogelon Mars and its aim to establish a martian city colony, which is difficult to dismiss. Another option is to use a nickname like Floki, the doge King’s and Elon Musk’s beloved puppy. This whole collection of canine coins has resulted in a very substantial and stunning profit.

It has been revealed that a token is to be released on the 6th of December this year, seeking to bring these notions together.

HUH Token has coined the term “utimeme,” which is a combination of the words “utility” and “meme.” The HUH Token takes its name from the word “Huh.” HUH is one of the most globally recognised sounds and terms in the English language, and it is used all over the world. It’s rather catchy, isn’t it?

When it comes to usefulness, it is unclear what the Token is attempting to do. Apparently, it will take a similar approach as TRON. Except that a greater emphasis will be placed on social influencers, their platforms, and their respective responsibilities. This complements their one-of-a-kind referral-based cash scheme well, which makes it possible for new investors to gain a code that they may share with others and then this lets them receive a 10 per cent discount of their HUH token purchase, with 10 per cent of the purchase price going to the referrer in the form of BNB.

Currently, the prelaunch is in place, albeit the longevity of the prelaunch has been called into doubt. According to the HUH Token telegram, the reason for this is to ensure investor security, as they want to get their project completely audited by Certik and other independents before releasing it to the general public in full. Not only that, but a hunt for bugs has been set in action for the smart contract to provide an additional degree of trust.

In cryptocurrency, utility is queen, but attention is king, and it is possible that the combination of the two may be the next heir to a million-dollar opportunity.

Like any piece of information, you should exercise care and double-check your sources; this post does not include any financial recommendations.

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