SaaS sites: what are they and what are they for?

SaaS is a software delivery method by which your customers gain access to personal information. In doing so, they use any device that has a web browser and connects to the Internet.

Your web page is the presentation of your company, its face. This is what should impress your prospect and impress your brand on their minds. From this page, he should extract information about the uniqueness and usefulness of your product, as well as get answers to your questions. You are also given the opportunity to create special offers for your customers, thereby increasing the conversion and the level of interest of visitors.

Your business webpage is an important part of the SaaS business model. Since your service is based on an internet connection, make sure your web page aligns with your vision, mission and product. To organize everything as efficiently as possible, we recommend that you contact the proven SAAS website design agency.

What is a good SaaS web page capable of?

An attractive web design ensures an uninterrupted flow of visitors to your site. You only have 15 seconds to convince a person to stay on your page. After all, this is how much time more than 55% of people spend on studying site navigation. The effective operation of a Saas site is ensured by the following characteristics:

  1.     Consistency – Providing a consistent and predictable experience for visitors is an essential element. You must highlight the key elements of your page. With their help, you need to motivate consumers to study your products and services and purchase them in the future.
  2.     Responsive Design – In the era of innovative technologies, your website must be viewed from any device. Clients should not experience the inconvenience of scrolling through the pages. The site must be fully loaded. Developing responsive design doesn’t mean creating two different sites for PCs and smartphones. This means that your site is adapted to be displayed on different devices.
  3.     Accessible and Easy Orientation – Your site’s navigation should be user-friendly. Customers should easily navigate from one page to another. Make your site intuitive and attractive to look at. Use a color scheme that is available to people with color blindness.
  4.     A good SaaS website is data driven. SaaS companies develop a minimalist design that is refined based on user surveys. Using this approach, you can not only customize the site for the consumer, but also launch it faster, make it more cost-effective. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, use pitch deck services.
  5.     Simplicity. Such sites effectively use the emptiness of space. They are not overloaded with content and easy to understand. The web page design should be as simple as possible. Only the colors and logo of your company should stand out.

What is so special about a good SaaS website?

Free demo or free trial available

This significantly increases the conversion of visitors. Most B2B SaaS companies make available a free demo for their customers. This enables organizations to test the software and see how it can be improved. Offering a free trial to specific customers is also a great option. That is, the user provides payment details. But payment is charged after a few days. Often these clients continue to use the software.

Having a value proposition above the crease

Tell customers how and how your product can help them. Post your value proposition at the top of your site. Keep track of its relevance and motivate visitors to study the information.

Having a compelling call to action

A well-thought-out call to action motivates your potential customers to give feedback. Offer to subscribe to the newsletter, get a trial, and make a purchase.

Social proof

Show your visitors that your service is exactly what they were looking for. You can also increase the conversion of your site with social proof:

  •         Demonstrate testimonials – this way you will be able to gain trust;
  •         Use popular platforms like Capterra, Trustpilot;
  •         Conduct case studies;
  •         Engage social networks;
  •         Find referrals for lead generation.

These techniques will give your site a personality and identity. They will also help to gain the trust of potential customers.

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