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Who’s The King Of The Jungle? Will Tiger King’s stripes be stripped away by HUH Token?

Later this month, Netflix will release Tiger King 2, continuing the storey of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and the Big Cat Rescue. Coincidentally, news of this coincided with the Tiger King cryptocurrency’s recent rebound and expansion, but are they on the verge of losing their crown to HUH Token? Like Simba, a lion cub, the HUH token has been quietly rising in popularity as it awaits its imminent launch with the goal of becoming king of the crypto jungle. HUH Token has been designed to compete with Tiger King and other cryptocurrencies through the use of two distinct features. A referral system that rewards investors and allows for money generation via two revenue streams: BNB and Tokens.

The Tiger King coin, commonly known as the TKING coin, launched in May 2021, following the success of the Netflix series last year. The cryptocurrency asserts that it is the ‘official coin’ of the Netflix series and has long been promoted by Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Mr Joe Exotic. While social media frequently has a significant impact on the result of a project, a great amount of hype about something does not always indicate that it is a good concept. As was the situation with FYRE, the ill-fated festival.

Survival OF The Fittest

The impending launch of HUH Token will leave meme-based cryptocurrencies scratching their heads and wondering how they missed out. The team behind the HUH Token has developed an interesting strategy that has caused various people worldwide to take attention. THE FIRST CRYPTOCURRENCY TO DISTRIBUTE BNB AND TOKENS IS HUH TOKEN. Having such a unique function elevates them above Tiger King, Shiba Inu, Doge, and other cryptocurrencies. Being original frequently works. Unlike Tiger King, which was based on the success of a Netflix series, HUH Token takes pride in the fact that it is releasing a cryptocurrency that wants to revolutionise how cryptocurrency is used by the average person and benefit its investors. The idea is to create a platform that enables its users to benefit continually over time. Consumers and investors alike are drawn to the prospect of earning money and feeling as though they are not working hard to reap the rewards.  Consider a discount code or a money-back guarantee on a purchase at a local retailer. Always a winning formula, and HUH Token complies with this need. A formula for success. What makes it so alluring? Simply put, its uniqueness.

HUH Token utilises a referral scheme that rewards users for bringing others on board and profiting from their usage. The system works by the investor referring someone, and the user earns 10% BNB (Binance) of their first purchase. A very clever technique, as individuals are more inclined to encourage friends and relatives to sign up as well.  The system is intended to generate generational wealth, that is, wealth that can be passed down for future generations. Its developers have been clear in their assertion that this is not a get-rich-quick scam. It’s about investing in the future and having faith in it. 

So far, speculations indicate that HUH has gathered a few thousand distinct influencers who are all eager to rally behind the project and kickstart the big push once the token is released to the broader crypto market. After a cursory examination of HUH Token’s chances, it is safe to conclude that they have a decent possibility of stripping The Tiger King of its stripes and bringing forth a new king of the jungle.

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