Rockets Missed 27 Straight 3s Vs Warriors OTD In 2018; Set New, Unwanted NBA Record: Read

Rockets Missed 27 Straight 3s Vs Warriors OTD In 2018; Set New, Unwanted NBA Record: Read

In 2018 the unbelievable match happened between the Golden State Warriors Game 7 and Rockets in Conference final, the Rockets missed the chance of 27 three-pointers, and made the new records in the history of NBA playoffs. Read it on for details.

In the 2018 Western Conference Finals, the Golden State Warriors, and the Houston Rockets faced each other to qualify for the NBA finals. During the match the Rockets missed the golden chance to enter in the finals by 27 three-pointers and also by this they can set a world record in NBA playoffs, But unfortunately, they missed the chance and warriors defeated them and qualified for the NBA finals.

Rockets miss 27 3s: Rockets vs Warriors Game Number 7 2018 Western Conference Finals 

  • The amazing game played between the Rockets and Warriors. But it’s a game so anyone team has to win or lose. Hard luck for the Rockets. The Warriors won the game with a 101-92 score. In the first half, the Rockets were leading by 15 points, but the Warriors made a very fast recovery and in the third quarter they took the lead over the Rockets. It’s also possible because the Rockets have missed the three-pointers. In the end, only one is the winner so hard luck for the Rockets.
  • As per the analysis, the probability of the qualifier is must depend upon the players who are going to take the shots, who is the defender they’re, how much the player is quick, for all these the high-level cameras are used to track each and every movement, these all are used in the NBA stats to find the winning probability. Gordan shot 35.9%, Harden shot 36.7% from deep and Ariza shot 36.8%. These are players stats that are calculated by the previous stats.
  • After losing the game, the Rockets coach Mike D’ Antoni admitted that at one time their team is in a good position. He also added some of the players are not giving their 100% whereas the Warriors players also not perform well but they follow the basics of the game which leads to winning the game.
  • In the first half of the game, the Rockets made a 15 point lead but the warriors had done the straight three-pointers and made the lead over Rockets. The Rockets missed the 25 points straight. In the second half Rockets tried very hard to cover the lead that was 42-28 but at the end of the game, they tried lots of shots and missed it. The final scoreline was 48-28.
  • During the press conference, Harden said that they did not have the same energy left that is during the second the various opportunities made but they didn’t rectify it due to the loss of energy in the first half whereas the Warriors had taken the opportunities and made the way to the finals.

Fans react: Rockets vs Warriors game 7

Some of the fans react after getting over the amazing match.

  • This was a beautiful game to watch LMAOO!! Harden fails again & his fanboys were hurting … if he’s not getting bailed out by fouls he’s a not able to do much in the PO
  • The Rockets have never recovered from this. They’ve slid further and further into analytics as their championship window continues to shrink.

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