Our Brain loves gambling and dangerous bets

Betting has always been a popular pastime, regardless of whether you’re choosing slots and stocks machines. Many gambling experts explain that this is more a feature of our beings than an issue made up.

Dr. Clark, a leading expert in gambling psychology, conducted a study at the Gambling Research Center of Columbia.  This center studies behavioral, cognitive as well as neurobiological sides involved in gambling. His research led him to conclude that players on the stock market behave in a cognitive way in no different ways than gamblers and those who love dangerous transactions. This is what we will discuss.

A good question that might be asked is how Dr. Clark became a gambling expert, it is actually not based on personal experience. His doctoral thesis was about decision-making in the late 1990s. He studied experimental psychology at the University of Oxford. It was at that time that The British government changed its gambling laws. Many were concerned that making gambling more available might show an increase in people with gambling problems. The government offered to test this thesis by providing funding to support the research of such a claim. It quickly showed that gambling and other dangerous transactions could be used to study the psychology of choice.

What do you know about Gambler’s psychology?

The problem of gambling is caused by two factors. The first as turned out is purely individual.

There is also a second factor, which concerns the games themselves. The game’s design is made to make it more interesting. In the UK, almost half of those who enter the National Gambling Problems Clinic with Disorders are addicted to a particular game.

Electronic roulette has been shown to be the most addictive. Another super attracting kind of game is online slots such as those found at Although they may look different, from a psychological point of view they are almost identical. This center has some of these slot machines for the purpose of examining how they affect our brain.

We have identified many factors contributing;
one of them is the game’s speed. Five seconds is the average time it takes to spin a slot machine. The player can place another bet just as he just finished making one which creates a sense of constant play. Another reason games can cause addiction is “almost won”. This is the feeling of being on the verge of winning. Although there is no clear difference in the outcome of a losing spin and the next one, players can experience cognitive distortion in which they feel that the next spin is certainly winning. It’s more of an illusion. It makes it easier to return to the game.

Sensory feedback is an intriguing aspect of these games.

Think about the sounds and bells you’ll hear when a slot machine pays out money. Although lights and sounds o not directly relate to the actual monetary prize, we realize that players are more willing to take greater risks if they are accompanied by visual and auditory signals. This can be observed even in laboratory rats. Positive interaction could be rewarded with some food. However, some sensory feedback can stimulate the rats to take chances to obtain food.

Many similarities can be found between gambling and stock trading. It is actually difficult to find a definition for gambling that would be not comparable to trading.

Gambling is connected to the brain’s dopamine systems. Scientists are often reminded of the vicious circle that is dopamine addiction. Positive experiences, such as a drug dose, trigger the brain to produce chemicals that encourage similar behavior. The patient is caught in a trap. Drugs are not the only way that the dopamine system is activated. If the activity is productive, it can trigger a surge of the hormone. This will cause the dopamine system to send a surge of hormones that will disrupt the decision-making process.
The most attractive thing about the dopamine system is its incertitude.

The outcome and the award play a great surprise to us. Bright lights and loud sounds can increase the excitement at winning at slot machines.

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