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Americans Love Living in These Rust Belt Cities

In the not too distant past, steel, auto manufacturing, and coal mining made up large sectors of industry and employment for states such as Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, New Jersey, West Virginia, and several other sections of surrounding states. 

By the 1980s, these industries were well beyond their peak, and in fact were dying out in these areas, leaving factories empty and decaying, hence the reference to “rust.” However, recently, many of the cities affected by the departure of these industries are making a comeback as area employment pivots to different industries and residents revitalize the areas. Some of the “Rust Belt” cities that Americans love living in include:

Rochester, NY

Rochester is the fourth most populous city in New York state. However, following the exit of industry in the 1980s, the population did significantly shrink. Only recently has the population begun to increase, and in fact, many young people are looking to move to the area. There have even been bidding wars on houses.

Rochester is now home to several large employers, including Paychex and the University of Rochester. Rochester is also home to many cultural sites and festivals, including the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, the Strong National Museum of Play, the Rochester International Jazz Festival, and the Rochester International Film Festival. Rochester has certainly reinvented itself in recent years, and residents would agree it is a great place to live. 

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh earned its nickname the “Steel City” from its many steel businesses in the recent past. Due to the three rivers that converge in Pittsburgh, the city was a seat of steel manufacturing and coal mining.

Since the decline of the 1980s, Pittsburgh has recently made a huge comeback, aiming to reinvent itself as a technology and robotics hub. With decreasing poverty and unemployment and increasing income, Pittsburgh has come a long way.

Pittsburgh has a thriving cultural scene, marking it as an up and coming city to move to. From the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to the Andy Warhol Museum, there are so many options for spending a day out. There are also the hometown Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates for sports fans. With all of this going for it, in addition to the job opportunities available, it is no surprise that people love living in Pittsburgh and are increasingly moving to Pittsburgh, as you can see from the many Pittsburgh houses for sale.

Columbus, OH

Another Rust Belt city that seems to be making progress in terms of employment and increasing housing and residents is Columbus. Since the city became a “Rust Belt” city, it has started to make a slow rebound, especially in recent years as the demand for housing increases and more workers are hired.

People especially love living in Columbus because of the many opportunities to enjoy nature, as well as culture (for example, at the Columbus Museum of Art). Residents of Columbus also note the Midwest hospitality and charm that the city offers. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, consider a move to Columbus.

When you think of “Rust Belt” cities, you may think of derelict, empty, crumbling cities with high unemployment rates. However, based on the cities above, it is clear that several Rust Belt cities have made a comeback and possibly even surpassed their previous peaks. Americans love living in these cities, and from the increased need for housing in many of them, more Americans are making them their homes. 

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