‘My Past Boyfriend Never Made Me Feel Desired’, Said Billie Eilish

‘My Past Boyfriend Never Made Me Feel Desired’, Said Billie Eilish

American singer and songwriter, Billie Eilish recently expressed some new things about her past boyfriend. She made her entry into the singer’s community and gained a lot of attention with the release of her first song, in the year 2015, ‘Ocean Eyes’. It was written by her brother, Finneas. She has been the most loved singer of all time since then. She had formed songs like Bad Guy, the song of James Bond, which helped her to gain much popularity. She is being ranked 23rd number by RIAA for the biggest artist of the digital singles era.

Billie became the sensation she made her very first song. Billie had sung many songs that had been popular for a long time. Some of these songs are Bad guy, No Time to Die, Everything I wanted. However new reports are coming up which says that Billie recently had opened up to some magazine to tell about her body images and she further made it clear that none of her ex-boyfriends made her t feel desired.

What is Billie’s statement for her body images?

Opening up to a media portal she revealed that it never happened with anyone of her ex-boyfriend with whom she felt desired. She further said that none of them could make her feel good. For her, it’s a very big thing that nobody had ever been able to make her feel physically desired. She also uncovered the fact that why she dressed with an unfit cloth. To assert a reason for it she added that she wore loose-fitting clothes so that no one could judge her by the size of her clothes. She said that it depends on her mood about the dressing.

Questions that are answered by Billie

When Billie was asked about her feelings when she wears something unusual, then she replied to it. She said she had done it, but her dressing sense is independent of gender stereotypes. She further added that she feels to dress like a boy and also like a swag girl. However, she feels to be trapped by the persona that she created herself. She also said that sometimes people see her as a boy due to her dressing style.

In the magazine, she also talks about the video that she released during her musical tour. In the video, she expressed her feelings about her own body. The video was released this year. Through her video, she wants to spread the message that under her clothes there is a body and no one can see that body under the cloth. She makes it more clear by saying, for anyone, If he has anything of his own than it’s his/her own body.

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