Mosbys confirm they are ending their marriage

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After 15 years of marriage, John Mosby and his wife, Mary, have decided to end their marriage. The couple released a joint statement earlier today, stating that they have “made the difficult decision to file for divorce.”

The Mosbys have been a prominent couple in their community, known for their philanthropic work and involvement in local politics. John Mosby, a successful businessman, has served on the city council for the past decade, while Mary Mosby has been active in various charities and non-profit organizations.

In their statement, the Mosbys emphasized that their decision was made after “a great deal of thought and consideration.” They also asked for privacy during this difficult time, stating they “will not be making any further public statements or comments.”

Filing for divorce

According to sources close to the couple, the Mosbys have been experiencing marital problems for several months. The decision to file for divorce was reportedly made after a series of counseling sessions failed to resolve their issues.

The couple has three children together, all of whom are minors. It is unclear at this time how custody arrangements will be handled.

The Mosbys are also reportedly dividing their assets, including several properties and significant wealth. The couple has not yet released any details about their financial settlement.

The news of the Mosbys’ divorce has surprised many in their community, who have long seen the couple as a model of stability and success. However, friends and colleagues have expressed their support for the couple during this difficult time.

“John and Mary have always been an amazing couple,” said one friend. “They’ve done so much for this community, and I know they’ll continue to do great things even after this.”

The Mosbys’ divorce is a reminder that even the strongest marriages can face challenges and difficulties. However, the couple’s commitment to handling their divorce with dignity and respect is a testament to their character and the strength of their bond, even in the face of adversity.

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