Kevin Smith's New Clerks 3

Kevin Smith’s New Clerks 3 Coming Out: Know All The Details

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Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3 will be coming out this year, and it is sure to be a hilarious film. Clerks first came out in 1994, which was the same year that Smith released his debut feature film Clerks 2. Clerks 3 star Jason Mewes as Jay and Marilyn Ghigliotti as Veronica.

The Plot of Clerks

After awakening from the heart attack, Randal Graves decides to make a movie with Dante Hicks about their lives working at the Quick Stop and RST Video. Clerks were written, produced, and directed by Kevin Smith, who also starred as Randall Graves for the previous movies.

Clerks III': Kevin Smith Threequel Acquired By Lionsgate – Deadline

Release Dates and More Details

The upcoming movie is under the working title Clerks III. Smith’s Clerks series each revolves around the everyday life of two clerks who work at a convenience store in New Jersey that is located near Leonardo, NJ.

The movie has a huge fan following; however, Clerks III is still under the working title, and a lot of things about this movie are not revealed yet.

The Clerks series have been loved by its audience for their comedic content with a pinch of philosophy which makes it an interesting watch even after 22 years from its release. Also, both movies were highly appreciated at the box office back when they got released.

The movies give us something which is old with a touch of something new, so Clerks III will be adding a whole lot more to the series.

What Impact will the Movie Make?

This movie is looking very promising with Clerks II director Kevin Smith returning once again as writer and producer, along with Jason Mewes, who plays Jay in the Clerks Series, coming back for his part too.

Smith is constantly trying to give his fictional characters an increased depth, and Clerks III will be giving the same treatment to Dante, Randal, Elias (Jay), Becky (Babes), etc., by adding more details about their lives.

The movie series will soon finish the shooting and only a few months to go before Clerks III release; we can see that the film will be released in December this year. Till then, we will be waiting for Clerks III and binge-watch the previously launched Clerks movies to connect with the characters!

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