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The Outsider: Will The Best U.S Crime Drama On Television Have Season 2?

The Outsider, the best U.S. crime drama on television, was renewed for a second season in November 2020. The Outsider is based on Stephen King’s 2018 novel of the same name, and it premiered on HBO on January 12th. It will be interesting to see how many more seasons are in store for this show.

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It is a psychological thriller and horror show that was ordered into a series in December 2018 and premiered on January 12th, 2020. The Outsider is the best U.S. crime drama on television, according to critics everywhere.

What is the Outsider All About?

The Outsider is a television series that is based on Stephen King’s 2018 novel of the same name. It follows the life of a man named Terry Maitland. Terry is suspected to be the murderer of a young boy named Franklin Peterson. There’s no way out until he decides to try to find evidence that might clear his name.

The investigation of the murder gets interesting when more children are murdered. The show is full of many different twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat while watching it!

The mystery of Terry’s murder moves the whole town of Georgia. The show is definitely one of a kind and will keep your eyes glued to your screen!

The Outsider Will it be Renewed for Season Two? The answer to this question is yes; however, many steps need to be taken before we can actually determine whether or not there should even be another season.

The season is full of suspense, horror, mystery, and drama, and we recommend you watch this show if you are looking for something to stream!

Do We Know the Release Dates Yet?

The series indeed went for renewal, but the release dates are still unknown. The only thing we know for sure is that season two will most likely come out in 2022, which means it probably won’t be released until September or October of the year.

Why Stephen King's The Outsider doesn't need a second season
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The global pandemic conditions pushed the production to make the next season faster. The fans of Stephen King have waited so long to see what’s in the bag of the developers, and the renewal of the series was great news for them.

The second season is going to be based on King’s book, which was one of the bestsellers, and its first episode will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

If the season gets delayed further, there is a slight chance that HBO will cancel the renewal of The Outsider.

Speculations about the Plot!

It is very tough to guess what the plot of the next season will be as King’s books are always unpredictable. We can expect a lot of supernatural elements in the second season as well.

Ben Mendelsohn as Det. Ralph Anderson, Jason Bateman as Terry Maitland, Marc Menchaca as Jack Hoskins, Julianne Nicholson as Glory Maitland, and Mare Winningham as Jeannie Anderson are supposed to be the cast of the next season.

We will have to wait to know if the season will premier in 2022 or if it will be postponed. It is best to wait for the official announcement from HBO before getting too excited about this news. The most awaited season has a chance of getting canceled.

Let’s hope that HBO will see the potential of a second season and renew this fantastic show for us. If you have not seen The Outsider yet, now is your chance to watch it on-demand or live at home with the family using HBO. With all these options available, there is no reason why someone should miss such a fantastic show. Let’s keep our hopes high.

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