Jeon Seok-ho

Jeon Seok-ho is an actor from South Korea. Great actors get training and learning experience from renowned universities. Likewise, he has undergone the learning phase of theater and film at Hanyang University. This gave him confidence and an opportunity for “self-assessment” as to where he stands. Likewise, he moved further with the acting journey where he had no looking back. He has so many noteworthy acting in respective movies that are still an achievement, as fans are simply “WOW” while seeing him portraying the roles.


He made his acting debut in 1984 with the movie “Just Do It.” After that, the film’s noteworthy collection has to be “Singles” in 2003 and “Intruders” in 2013, etc. His life revolves around doing the roles to which he feels fit and can relate.

Versatile actor

He was born on May 2, 1984. He is known for a series of roles that have given him a place of his own. He is a versatile actor whose acting career is full of dedication and hard work, and he is also an inspiration for those who wish to be successful like him. He is also famous for his roles that speak about creativity. Among other films has to be “Familyhood” in 2016, where his style and talent have created an even larger audience of his undeniable fan. His charming personality adds to his acting, giving him an edge.

Creative Roles

Considering the mammoth roles he has been doing over the years, he is also known as a supporting character in the Netflix series “Kingdom” in 2019. He is an actor who has also given sufficient contributions to the small screen. He has starred in small screen with the TV series namely “Misaeng: Incomplete Life” in 2014 and many others such as “The Good Wife” in 2016, “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” in 2017, etc

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