five Creative Hidden Roles of Im Won-hee

Im Won-hee is a South Korean actor born on October 11, 1970. When acting is their passion, budding actors start taking classes right from their initial years, like Im, who has also been a part of the Daehak-ro theater troupe, “Mokhwa,” which staged plays of Jang Jin. 


He was a devoted teen who made no mistake of losing an opportunity, like making a debut in Jang’s black comedy, “The Happenings,” in 1998.

Creative Roles 

It shows when an actor is passionate about enhancing his skills further and is serious about it. Over time, he has become more of a polished actor thanks to the notable roles he has been a part of, such as “Le Grand Chef,” along with the iconic role of Dachimawa Lee. Ryoo Seung-wan directed it and was a short film spanning 35 minutes in 2008. This became a stepping stone for him to gain extreme exposure and popularity, as the internet quickly became so popular that it generated over a million page views. The film was about paying homage and respect to Korea’s 70’s action films.

Ryoo knew that Im had charisma like no other, so he again cast him in a film that was comedy centric and for the same character Dachimawa Lee.

Contribution for television

He is also greatly popular in doing roles on television, such as playing “Detective Choi” in “Coma” in 2006. Likewise, he played a “Doctor” in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” in 2016-17 and Strong Girl Bong-Soon in 2017. He has so many broad genres of roles that certainly speaks about the perfection he has attained over some time. It is not hard for an actor of such stature to win awards, like being awarded “Best Supporting Actor” in “Work of Love” in 2018. 

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