Homeowners Determined to Get Their Pools Built Despite Company Closure

Homeowners in Collier County, Florida, who paid a now-shuttered pool company for their backyard oasis, are determined to build their pools despite the company’s closure. The company contracted to build dozens of pools in the area, closed its doors without warning, leaving homeowners in the lurch.

Many homeowners had paid thousands of dollars to the company for their pool projects, and they are now faced with the prospect of having to pay even more money to complete their pools. Some have hired new contractors to finish the work, while others are still searching for a solution.

The situation has caused frustration and anger among the affected homeowners, who feel they have been taken advantage of. They are calling for more oversight of pool companies and for better protections for consumers.

Company Closure Leaves Homeowners in the Lurch

The company in question, which oversaw the construction of more than two dozen pools in Collier County, closed its doors without warning, leaving homeowners in the lurch. The closures came amid allegations of fraud and mismanagement, which authorities are investigating.

The affected homeowners are now left with incomplete pools and the prospect of paying even more money to finish them. Some have hired new contractors to complete the work but face delays and additional expenses.

The situation has highlighted the need for better protections for consumers and more oversight of pool companies. Homeowners are calling for stricter regulations and more transparency in the pool construction industry to prevent situations like this from happening in the future.

In the meantime, despite the setbacks, the affected homeowners remain determined to get their pools built. They are rallying together and sharing information and resources to find a solution to their problem. While the situation is far from ideal, their determination and resilience are a testament to the strength of the community.

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