Firefighters Battle Two-Alarm Blaze in Southwest Baltimore

Firefighters were called to respond to a significant two-alarm fire in Southwest Baltimore. The incident occurred in the 2800 block of Frederick Avenue just before 4 p.m., sending emergency crews into action to tackle the blaze. The Baltimore City Fire Department was quick to arrive at the scene, where they encountered heavy smoke billowing from the affected area. The intensity of the fire warranted a two-alarm response, indicating the need for additional personnel and equipment to control the situation.

Efforts to Contain the Spread Across Vacant Buildings

The fire in Southwest Baltimore proved to be a challenging situation as it spread across three vacant buildings. The rapid response of the fire department was crucial in preventing the fire from causing more damage. The crews worked diligently to contain the fire, ensuring that it did not spread further and put more structures at risk. The firefighters’ efforts to manage such a large fire underscore the risks and challenges that come with containing urban fires, especially in areas with vacant buildings that can be prone to such incidents.

For more detailed information, you can read the full reports on CBS News and NewsBreak.

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