Get Dreams of Desire Android 1.0.3 latest version

If you love playing games that are added with a pinch of drama, the Dreams of Desire could be a great deal for you! In Dreams of Desire, you get the opportunity to control a young man who has screaming hormones. He lives with his mother and discovers a world of carnal pleasure in his surroundings. 

Graphical engine Ren’Py has now become the go-to for developing the vast majority of graphical adventures. It is available for over-18s which are adapted for Android, though some prefer to call them visual novels too. It is also used to create Dreams of Desire, wherein there is a young man whose hormones seem to be hitting the roof.

Make the maximum of summer before going off to military academy

This game basically revolves around the following scenario: 

We get to see a young man who has just completed his high school and has got a whole summer before going off to the military academy. He is supposed to be sent by his father who attended the institution during his days. At the time of the waiting period, our leading character seems to have never shown the slightest interest in being a soldier. He begins to look at the world around him, primarily at the women.

Wrapping up: Our leading man is here to fill all the holes that he comes across! All that you have to do here is to help this guy achieve his goal by making the right decisions. Any mistake would lead him to being caught with his pants down and in several other embarrassing situations. 

Requirements and additional information:

  1. Minimum operating system requirement is Android 4.4.
  2. The installation of the APK file requires the activation of the “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

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