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All of us want to look beautiful and glamorous in our photographs. Well, I see nothing wrong with it, either. Previously, it wasn’t possible with just the camera megapixel alone. Besides, getting a phone with a higher MP will cost you more, too! 

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With the advent of technology, developers today have developed several apps wherein you can edit and customize your photo according to your preference. PicsArt is an app meant to enhance and edit images with hundreds of effects and filters. Also, you can avail different other possibilities and combine them all together before you upload it to a social network website. Hence, you can make changes to your image and add effects and change the hue and saturation to make it look better than before!

When discussing the image editors available for Windows, we do not always speak about Instagram filters or Photoshop. Of course, both these apps are regarded as the most popular image tools with millions of users and downloads, but the one we are talking about, “PicsArt,” does not go any less! The best thing about this app is that you do not require to own a master in the app to get the image retouching done, unlike the one you would need to deal with Adobe. 

PicsArt is considered the best image editor available on Windows; any user can adapt to it without prior professional knowledge of photoshopping. Well, this was available only as an Android application, but now, you can even count its desktop version available for PCs. PicsArt Photo Studio is an all-in-one photo editor, collage creator, drawing tool, and social network that will give your photo a whole new outlook. Since we have access to the social network, you can easily post and share your creativity on social media without any additional workload. You can also take inspiration from other users. 

Main features of PicsArt pk

  1. It features manual drawing tools.
  2. It comes with various effects and tools to edit the images.
  3. The app allows you to create collages with specific functions.
  4. This app gives access to your social network with easy sharing provisions. 
  5. It is available with dozens of filters that will allow you to change your image according to your preferences.
  6. Also, there are in-app purchases, but they are optional. The editor is free of cost, with all the functions available therein. These purchases are meant to expand the range of effects, filters, and availability of other tools. 
  7. This app is not just available for PC or Android but also for iOS or macOS. Download the APPX file, and install this version from the Windows store. 
  8. These guides or tutorials are meant to enhance photos adjust specific lighting parameters, and create photo compositions. 

What’s new in the latest version?

It allows you to use the drawing brushes straight in the editor.

Requirements and additional information:

  1. The minimum operating system requirements are Windows 10.
  2. The app offers in-app purchases as well. 

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