Farmhouse Sink Essentials Every Homeowner Must Know

A farmhouse sink, also called an apron front sink, is a drop-in sink with an open front side. It is vital that it must precisely fit into the kitchen counter to look aesthetically appealing. Farmhouse sinks are relatively big, designed for people without enough water or plumbing issues, and they get designed for multi-purpose activities. Activities such as cooking, laundry, bathing, and others come under the banner. While most farmhouse sinks are not for heavy-duty activities, it is indisputable as they provide a homely and rustic feel to the kitchen. 

Different variants of a farmhouse sink

Farmhouse sinks are huge in teams of space, and their design comes with different varieties catering to numerous requirements. Two popular variations are the laundry sink and drain board sink. Of course, these sinks serve as a shorthand model, and they are open to customization according to the user’s need. 

Materials and metals

As in the case of other kitchen items, there are many sink materials when it comes to the kitchen sink. The typical option is a natural stone, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, and fire clay when it comes to farmhouse sinks. Each material has its windfalls and weaknesses and ultimately reflects different features. These include aesthetic appeal, durability, and price. When selecting the material for the sink, ensure to evaluate many vital aspects. 

Laundry sink

The laundry sink is known for its functionality and iconic appeal. The gorgeous look and visual appeal have gained immense popularity in recent times. You can use it in any room as a single or double deep basin devoted to regular use. It roughly measures between nine to ten inches deep. The design helps hold a good amount of water, while the width helps in different kitchen activities like cooking, laundry, and washing dishes. 

Drain board sink

The drainboard sink is another popular design you will find in the market. It helps keep water inside to wash dishes away from the countertop. You may look at a Kraus stainless steel farm-inspired wash bowl that is grooved and helps hold excess water for a long time. The apron style sink holds the liquid and thereby keeps the surface clean. It is different from laundry design which comes with a single basin, but drainboard design is a single or double basin. 

Cast iron or ceramic

Cast iron or ceramic sinks come with a layer of protective material like porcelain that adds to its durability. The advantage of this type of sink is that it is glossy, tough, glass-like, and adds a distinct appeal to the kitchen. Its timeless appeal is another reason for its growing popularity. The material is durable and easy to clean. More so, it does not discolor with time and withstands regular wear and tear. It is heavy and requires special care during the installation process. 

Natural stone

As it comes from natural stone, these sinks are known for their durability and appeal. This sink’s natural look and pattern help it get more customers in the modern market. Granite, travertine, marble, or limestone provides a unique flair to the kitchen. This sink creates an aesthetically pleasing and durable appeal inside the kitchen. The material is non-porous, resistant to scratches and spots, and easy to clean. However, the only drawback of this sink is that it is expensive compared to other materials available in the market. 

Bronze and stainless steel

The most common and classic material for kitchens is stainless steel. It is known for its strong appeal, durability, and effortless maintenance features. There are varieties of stainless steel sinks in sizes and styles, which are lighter and provide additional support. The main point that grabs more attention is its high resilience and capacity to withstand regular wear and tear. The steel gauge of this sink is something around 16 to 18 that is a standard one for assuring more sturdiness. However, it is sometimes a bit loud, and its aesthetic appeal is limited. 

Bronze and fire clay sinks

Another material that has antibacterial properties is bronze. It is an attractive material that does not corrode or rust. If you are trying to get a durable, unique, and striking material, bronze is an excellent choice. However, you must be consistent in your maintenance so that the material does not become dull with time. 

Along with this, fire clay is another material used for constructing kitchen sinks. It is artistically appealing and durable. The material is resistant to acid and is non-porous. The standard colors of farmhouse sinks are wide-ranging. Depending on your preference and the kitchen layout, you may select the one that suits your budget and goes with the kitchen plan. A dark background with an attractive countertop is ideal kitchen setup and is the best combination. Farmhouse sinks are available in different styles. Commonly, there are three styles: drop-in, top-mount, and vintage. 

A drop-in sink style is a modern approach where you install the sink using the drop-in method. It makes the design attractive and well-fitted. The compact space that this design requires makes it a more viable option, and thereby you have more countertop available for your kitchen chores. 

The top-mount style is another popular option that is easy to install and leaves you with more cabinet space and countertops. Lastly, the vintage style is a typical style that you would notice in any farmhouse. It remains rounded in comparison to the rectangular shape discussed above. 

You get it in numerous styles and sizes, and thus it was known for its durable nature and appeal. For installing any of these options, you may grab the help of professionals who are experts at it. They can help you with new ideas and their best installation.

Moreover, the internet is another viable means that assist homeowners with the modern kitchen layout. You must select the sink that is durable, resistant to corrosion, attractive, and easy to maintain so that you get a good return on your investment. The functional aspect and aesthetic aspect both are equally important. As such, every homeowner must choose wisely to carve out a good kitchen layout. 

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