Top Secrets for House Cleaning

Keeping the house clean is the task of everyone, who wants to feel comfortable in his own apartment. Yet, we are all trying to reduce the time spent on cleaning, and allocate more time for a family, hobby or just reading a book or playing 22Bet casino Canada. These secrets of fast house cleaning are sure to help you.

Clean the Hardest Areas Regularly 

The most time-consuming areas are the kitchen and bathroom. They are easier to clean up if you remove the dirt as it appears. Wash the stove, microwave and oven immediately after cooking. Wipe the walls and bathroom surface after showering.

Begin with the Top

Clean the surfaces from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling. Next, clean the upper shelves, then window sills and tables, wash the floors last. Yet, it is better to vacuum first. Otherwise, some of the dust will rise again in the air and will settle on the furniture.

Make It a Game

Turn routine actions into a game. To do this, distribute tasks among your relatives, come up with a system of points and rewards. So, they will be more engaged, and the cleaning will get much faster. What’s more, it will pull your beloved family together.

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Helpful Tips

Even in such a routine activity, such as cleaning, there are essential nuances. They will help you save time spent on cleaning and increase efficiency.

  • To remove traces of water from the wood, use a hairdryer or a hair straightening iron. This equipment will dry the water clogged in the wood, and the stain will disappear.
  • Optimize the process. The dishwasher can be used not only for dishes but also for toys and household items.
  • To clean the microwave or oven from fat, put a sliced lemon in the dishes with water, boil the water and leave it inside the appliances. The steam will melt, and the surface will be cleaned.
  • To remove mold, use a cotton pad dipped in bleach.
  • All the fabric in the house can be easily cleaned with a sticky roller.
  • Every day, while doing your daily activities, spend 15 minutes cleaning. This method is easier and less time consuming than deep cleaning.

Equipment for Cleaning 

The necessary cleaning equipment includes a basic set of tools and materials which will bring you impeccable cleanliness. These tools include:

  • To clean windows and other glass surfaces, you need a window cleaner.
  • For wet cleaning, choose a folding flat mop with a removable mop. With this helpful tool, you can easily and quickly clean the whole room.
  • Microfiber cloths are used for dusting and removing dirt. You can purchase several types depending on the surface. You can find items for the kitchen, glass, etc.

All in all, house cleaning may become not a boring routine but a simple and quick task. You will make it much easier if you organize the process correctly and ask your relatives to help you. So, you will have free time for more essential activities.

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