5 Budget-Friendly Tips for Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry Room

Sometimes, the living room and bedrooms have more attention than the room that handles mundane household chores. That’s because the laundry room does not welcome guests, but it is nice to have a stylish and functional laundry space. It makes washing, drying, and ironing clothes enjoyable.


Some might not have the time to do the laundry and only leave their dirty clothes at the laundromat near them. How much more doing a renovation of their laundry room?


Make your laundry room light and comfortable to deal with mundane tasks. Do not worry about the time and expenses. It will only take a day, and you do not have to break the bank to be creative in your laundry room. Renovate your laundry room on a budget.

1. Create a Budget List

You need several items to complete your laundry room renovation. However, these items should not necessarily be expensive. Spend more time shopping around to have the best deal of decorations and materials.

2. Add a New Sink

If you want to have a slight major renovation for your laundry room, a new sink is a great start. You can choose some beautiful sinks to elevate your laundry space. You can pair it with an aesthetically-pleasing faucet to give it a vibe.


Aside from the aesthetic feel of having a new sink, it is a must-have for soaking and handwashing your delicate clothes. Ensure to choose a high-quality sink to withstand corrosion from laundry chemicals and moisture.

3. Switch Out Lighting

If installing a new sink is still out of budget, a budget-friendly and instant transformation in your laundry is the lighting. You can replace the lighting fixture with downlights and flush mounts. If you want to create a vibe in your laundry space, you can consider under cabinet lighting, track lighting, or long ceiling lighting.


Aside from setting a calm mood in your laundry space, choose energy-saving lights to cut your utility costs.

4. Replace the Benchtop, Use Retrofit Cabinets

Instead of installing a new set of cabinets, retrofit those you already have. You can add other upgrades such as drawers, shelves, or replace the benchtop. Storage solutions are a need for your laundry space, but a benchtop is against all-white laundry. Thus, it has to be replaced.


Choose an aesthetic, budget-friendly granite laminate to add interest to your laundry room. Whatever material or style you choose, ensure that it is not prone to moisture.

5. Hang Artwork, Place Greenery

Add artwork in your laundry room. Artworks elevate the space and make it lively. Choose the artwork that reflects your personality. Meanwhile, wet spaces like the laundry room should have a touch of greenery. Plants bring a nature vibe. Place a small plant on a shelf to create a calming vibe of your laundry room.

Final Thoughts

As a laundry expert, you do not have to do a full-scale laundry renovation. You only have to do a few inexpensive changes that light up your laundry room. These things might only take you a day or less!

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