Kelvin Owens Pull Out

COVID-19 Case At The Performance Centre of WWE RAW: Kelvin Owens Pull Out

Coronavirus has changed the lifestyle of every individual. Kevin Owens, who is the Former WWE Universal champion, had also been affected by it. Due to some circumstances, he decided to opt-out of WWE. He had been taping for WWE RAW after being an ex-player. Earlier this week a news article was published that confirmed that one of the wrestlers is COVID-19 positive.

The report mentioned clearly that the wrestler had tested positive for the virus test. The company revealed in its statement, by the associate medical director, ’Jeffery Dugas’, of WWE, said that a development talent had tested positive for the virus. It was June 9 and since then, every wrestler and member, officials had been tested by the doctors for COVID-19. Kevin Owens had clearly mentioned that he felt unsafe and he claimed that he had seen the wrestler at the WWE performance center, who had been tested positive for COVID-19. It was also mentioned that Kevin Owens informed the management of WWE for his decision. He was also not stopped from his decision as it was a genuine decision made by him.

What makes it such a Hard Decision?

Wrestling expert, ‘David Meltzer’, said in the latest episode of the Wrestling Observer Podcast about the decision made by Kevin. He spoke that it was also due to the family that made Kevin Owens to make such a decision. He further added that the grandfather of Kevin’s wife had passed away due to COVID-19 just a few days before. This had created a fear in the mind of his family members as they do not want anyone else in their family to get infected with the virus. And since there is a risk of spreading the virus at the Performance Center, this prevents him from going back there. David Meltzer further said that his impression is that Kevin will come back on 29th so he thinks he is going to miss a week. His decision is for safety and care of himself. Therefore it should be respected.

When Kevin appeared last in the WWE ring?

It was June 15, when Kevin Owens last appeared in the ring, where he defeated Angel Garza in the fight. Kevin Owens took control just after the bell rang by hitting Garza. He started with a series of strikes over Garza. Garza got engaged in an argument with his partner, Andrade, after the break, at ringside. Garza gave him a dropkick for a near-fall, which was like a high fly missile, by taking advantage of that argument with his partner. He was trapped by Kevin Owens. Then again Angel Garza fought back in defense to counter the attack of Kevin Owens. But finally, Kevin Owens won the match by delivering a stunner after he squirmed out.

After this Vega, Andrade’s manager, and Garza entered the ring and they were told that they needed to work together. However, none of the two appeared to face their Union.

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