Netizens Create Own Version Of Meme: ‘Women Yelling At Cat’

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Almost everyone these days is busy with memes. Memes are the best way of entertainment that has been popular for a long time. A new variety of memes is available. One of these popular memes is the ‘Woman yelling at Cat’. It is also known by the name of ‘the cat meme’. These memes have been flooding the internet for a long time and every time an updated version of this meme is available. This thing never gets old. All members create their own version of this meme. This helps it in gaining such huge popularity. Netizens like to create this meme over and over again.

What is it about?

In this meme, two different pictures had been combined on two different sides. On the first side of the meme, where a blonde woman is seen yelling. The scene had been taken from a fight scene of a television show named, ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. The cast Taylor Armstrong was quite amused after seeing this meme. She revealed that she never imagined that her TV scene would get such popularity as a meme.

In the other section of the meme, a cat is seen whose name is ‘Smudge’. The cat is seen sitting on a chair where he is seen in a confused sense. The picture first came out from a Tumblr user, ‘deadbefordeath’. He posted a photo of the white cat sitting in front of vegetables on a chair. The caption back to the image was, “he doesn’t like vegetables”.

Both these pictures are used together for making this meme. It has been since May this year when it started to get popular. Netizens flooded it over the internet by making their own version. It got many funny reactions too.

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