Confirm Biosciences Shares To The Public What To Expect From An Instant Drug Test

An instant drug test does not only come with speed but also with precision. The result is either negative where there is no drug presence or non-negative where the drug is present. An instant drug test can’t formally give a “positive” result.

Other names for instant testing are rapid tests and “point of care testing” (POCT).  An instant drug test ordinarily uses saliva or urine for the test specimen. The test as a rule screens for a few combinations of the following: propoxyphene, sedatives, cocaine, amphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannabis, methadone, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and PCP.

There are two sorts of instant drug tests, one is urine, and the other is saliva. 

Saliva testing requires less privacy and can be conducted on site, even outside or in these times, socially distanced.

Numerous research facilities will not indeed accept the results of an instant oral saliva test alone, but there are ways to use lab confirmation in conjunction with these tests.


One of the top benefits of rapid testing is that it can give results within just a few minutes after the collection. It makes the hiring company know right away if a potential candidate or current employee passes or falls flat the test.

Another advantage of rapid testing is the capacity to perform the whole test right on-site. While it is not an issue to test imminent candidates since the candidates do not essentially ought to be on-site at any rate, it can be a great advantage to test current employees. Since the test can be managed on-site, neither the supervisor nor the employee in question needs to stop the whole workplace to comply with the testing. This helps with a decrease in time that it usually takes to test someone and also the workers can return back to their jobs much sooner than they would if they were being tested using a different method.

The other advantage of rapid testing is that the costs are considerably less and easier to manage than a standard drug testing in a laboratory.


While the focal points of instant drug testing appear to be incredible, it is likely imperative to assess the impediments of using rapid testing.

Lab testing gives particular levels of drugs in the system while raid drug testing results are either pass or fail only. The test will not give any specific test result data.

Due to the quality of rapid testing and the environment where the testing takes place, a professional lab representative must reexamine all non-negative results.

Rapid testing results are not acceptable in the court of law. While it does not relate to potential candidates, it may come into play with current employees. In order to be acceptable in court, the judge must be able to see the particular drug levels, which aren’t made accessible with instant drug test

For a reliable drug testing process that get precise results that are in compliances with current laws and at the same time are affordable, contact Confirm Biosciences. They have the right equipment and experience to manage a reliable instant drug testing process.

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