Bowie Police Department to Provide Free Steering Wheel Locks on July 17

The Bowie Police Department has announced that it will provide free steering wheel locks to Kia and Hyundai vehicle owners in Bowie on July 17. The event will occur from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Bowie Police Information Center, located at 15456 Emerald Way.


The free steering wheel locks are being offered in response to a spike in vehicle thefts in the area. According to local law enforcement, more than 114,000 Kias and Hyundais were stolen nationwide last year, an increase of 95% from 2021. Thefts are often the result of keyless entry systems that are vulnerable to hacking and other forms of electronic theft.

The Bowie Police Department is working with Kia and Hyundai to provide free steering wheel locks to concerned owners of steel key-operated Kia and Hyundai vehicles. The waves are an effective anti-theft device that immobilizes a vehicle’s steering wheel, making it more difficult for thieves to steal the car.

To receive a free steering wheel lock, owners must provide proof of Kia or Hyundai vehicle ownership and City of Bowie residency. The event is first-come, first-serve, and supplies are limited.

Importance of Vehicle Safety and Theft Prevention

The Bowie Police Department’s initiative to provide free steering wheel locks to vehicle owners highlights the importance of vehicle safety and theft prevention. Vehicle theft is a severe problem that can result in significant financial losses and emotional distress for victims.

There are several steps that vehicle owners can take to reduce the risk of theft, including using anti-theft devices, parking in well-lit areas, and keeping valuables out of sight. The Bowie Police Department’s free steering wheel lock initiative is an excellent example of how law enforcement agencies can work with vehicle manufacturers and owners to prevent theft and keep communities safe.

By taking proactive steps to prevent vehicle theft, we can all help reduce this crime’s incidence and ensure that our vehicles and communities remain safe and secure.

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