Black Bear Sightings on the Rise in Maryland Residential Neighborhoods

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in Maryland has reported increased black bear sightings in residential neighborhoods. According to a CNN article, DNR has received a rise in reports of black bear sightings in Maryland’s residential areas. The article suggests that the increase in sightings might be due to the state’s expansion of the black bear population and the bears’ search for food. The DNR advises residents to avoid feeding bears and to secure their trash cans to prevent bears from rummaging through them.


Tips for Dealing with Black Bear Sightings

If you encounter a black bear in your neighborhood, the DNR recommends that you not approach the bear and keep a safe distance. Please do not run away as it may trigger the bear’s chase instinct. Instead, slowly back away while keeping an eye on the bear. If the bear appears aggressive, make loud noises to scare it away. The DNR also advises residents to secure trash cans and avoid leaving pet food outside, as these can attract bears. For more information on dealing with black bear sightings, residents can refer to the DNR’s Living with Black Bears in Maryland guide.

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