Binance CEO “CZ” Predicts Next Bitcoin Bull Run

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, has predicted the next Bitcoin bull run. In a recent interview, CZ expressed his belief that Bitcoin is undervalued and that the next bull run could be even bigger than the previous one. CZ cited the growing adoption of Bitcoin and the increasing number of institutional investors entering the market as key factors driving the next bull run.

CZ’s Optimism Despite Recent Turbulence

CZ’s optimism comes despite recent turbulence in the cryptocurrency market. In December 2022, Binance experienced a wave of customer withdrawals, leading CZ to warn his staff of turbulent times ahead. However, in May 2023, CZ stated that the situation had stabilized and that deposits were returning. CZ’s positive outlook on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market suggests that he believes the recent turbulence is only temporary, and that the market will continue to grow in the long term.

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