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5 Terms You Must Pay Attention to When Picking a Power Tool

If you are looking for a new power tool, whether it is a simple drill or a powerful Milwaukee combo kit, there are a few things you need to consider and pay attention to. There are common terms you may encounter while shopping. Knowing these details is crucial as they may influence your final decision. Here are a few factors you must weigh when buying your power tools to ensure you get the best value out of your money.


Take Note of the Cord

When it comes to tools, you have the option of having a cord or going cordless without any wire. The primary difference here is convenience and power. Corded tools off more power, but you have to be perpetually attached to an outlet for electricity. In contrast, you can carry a cordless power tool anywhere with ease, but bigger jobs that require brunt and power may be a struggle for this wireless version.

If you are unsure about what to get, here’s a good rule of thumb. Circular saw, angle grinder, and sanders, those big, hard-working tools, would perform better with a cord. However, smaller ones like drills and impact drivers would be more convenient to use if they don’t have a wire. Those cords would just get in the way of the work. 

All those being said, do keep in mind that battery tech is getting better with each passing day. Power tools that were usually operated by another power source can now rely on rechargeable batteries. A perfect example of these are lawnmowers that needed gas before but can now work on batteries. 


Consider Brushless Power Tools

If you are looking for a tool, may it be a single drill or Milwaukee combo kit, you need to find out if they use the brushless technology. These brushless tools rely on a unique motor. Conventionally, motors require brushes to function well. Today, the electrical current drawn from the battery in brushless equipment differs based on how hard the tool is working. In contrast, the motor in the brushed version can rev up to full speed no matter what kind of work you put it too. 

What does this mean? This equates to longer-lasting power when the brushless tool is fully charged, resulting in more work finished in between charges. The motor in a brushless variant also has lesser moving parts, which translates to less wear and tear, with the tool becoming more durable and lasting longer. 


Check for Lithium-Ion Equipment

If you are going with cordless tools, make sure they are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries. Sometimes, these are referred to as Li-ion, which simply means it uses lithium to store charges. This proves to be more beneficial compared to older batteries. Here’s why:

  • Lighter: Li-ion batteries are lighter as they weigh less, so carting them around is so much easier. 
  • Convenient: These modern batteries can be charged when you want. There’s no need to wait for the batteries to be fully drained like the older models. 
  • More Powerful: These new batteries run with higher voltage, so more powerful devices that drain more energy can rely on this instead of the main power supply. 


Find Out Amp-Hour

Finally, you need to find out the amp-hour of a battery because this signifies how much charge it can accommodate. This is typically seen as “ah” or “Ah” printed on the battery with a number preceding it. Remember, the higher the number, the longer your tool will last before you need to charge it again. The only trade-off here is the higher the amp-hours, the larger the battery. Ergo, your tool will be a lot heavier. 

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