Bea Gaddy Family Centers Announce Bus Transportation for Annual Thanksgiving Meal

In an effort to continue the legacy of community activist Bea Gaddy, the Bea Gaddy Family Centers have announced that they will be providing bus transportation for Baltimore residents wishing to attend the annual Thanksgiving meal event. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals and families who lack the means to travel can still participate in the communal feast. The event, which has been a staple in the Baltimore community for decades, is expected to serve thousands of residents this year.

The transportation service is scheduled to run at regular intervals throughout Thanksgiving Day. Pickup points will be strategically located across the city to accommodate as many people as possible. The Bea Gaddy Family Centers have coordinated with local transportation agencies to organize a fleet of buses that will operate on a special schedule, ensuring that attendees can arrive at the venue in a timely manner and return home safely after the meal.

Logistics and Volunteer Support Vital for Event’s Success

The success of the Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving Meal is heavily reliant on logistics planning and volunteer support. Each year, hundreds of volunteers come together to prepare and serve food, manage the crowd, and assist with transportation. The added provision of bus services requires even more coordination and volunteer efforts. Individuals interested in volunteering for the event or contributing donations can reach out to the Bea Gaddy Family Centers for more information on how to get involved.

The centers have made a call for additional volunteers to help with the increased logistical demands. They are also seeking donations to cover the cost of food and transportation services. The community’s support is crucial to the continued success of this event, which honors Bea Gaddy’s vision of helping those in need. Volunteers and donors are encouraged to contact the Bea Gaddy Family Centers directly to contribute to this beloved community tradition.

For further details about the event, transportation schedules, and how to participate or contribute, individuals can visit the Bea Gaddy Family Centers’ official website or their social media pages.

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