Person Trapped By Fallen Tree On Bel Air Deck During Recent Storms

A person became trapped by a fallen tree on the deck of a home in Bel Air, Maryland, during recent storms. Emergency crews were called to the scene to rescue the individual, who was safely removed from the area.


The storms, which occurred on Friday morning, caused widespread damage throughout the area, with fallen trees and power outages reported in several neighborhoods. The National Weather Service had warned about morning storms in Maryland that day.

The incident in Bel Air serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of severe weather and the importance of taking precautions to stay safe. It is recommended that individuals stay indoors during severe storms and avoid going outside until it is safe.

Emergency crews are urging residents to report any damage or incidents related to the recent storms. It is important to work together to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the community during times of severe weather.

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