Baltimore-area theaters premiere ‘Barbenheimer,’ anticipating the hot weekend

Baltimore-area movie theaters are gearing up for what is expected to be the most anticipated box-office weekend of the year, as the internet has dubbed it “Barbenheimer.” Thursday night marked the nationwide theater premiere of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and the release of “Oppenheimer,” a biopic about the father of the atomic bomb.

The two films, which share the same release date of July 21, have generated buzz among fans and critics alike. “Barbie” stars Margot Robbie as the iconic doll and explores themes of identity and empowerment, while “Oppenheimer” stars Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer and delves into the ethical and moral implications of the Manhattan Project.

The anticipation for the films has been building for months, with pre-sale tickets selling out at many theaters nationwide. In Baltimore, theaters such as the AMC White Marsh and the Cinemark Towson and XD have reported strong ticket sales for both films.

“We’re expecting a hectic weekend,” said a spokesperson for the AMC White Marsh. “Both films have been generating a lot of buzz, and we’ve seen a lot of interest from fans of all ages.”

The release of “Barbenheimer” is also expected to boost the local economy, as moviegoers flock to theaters and nearby restaurants and shops. Baltimore City officials have encouraged residents and visitors to support local businesses during the weekend and to take advantage of the city’s cultural offerings.

“We’re thrilled to see so much excitement around these films and around the arts in general,” said Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott. “We hope that people will come out and enjoy all that our city has to offer and that they’ll support our local businesses and cultural institutions.”

As Baltimore-area theaters premiere “Barbenheimer,” fans and moviegoers eagerly anticipate what will be a hot and exciting weekend at the box office. With two highly anticipated films and strong ticket sales, it’s clear that the magic of the movies is alive and well in Baltimore.

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