Richmond RCMP Warns of New Scam Tactics Using AI

The Richmond Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has warned the public about new scam tactics that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

AI-Generated Voice Scams

According to the RCMP, scammers use AI-generated voices to impersonate trusted individuals, such as government officials or bank representatives, to steal personal information or money. AI technology allows scammers to create a realistic and convincing voice, making it difficult for victims to detect the scam.

Tips to Avoid AI Scams

To avoid falling victim to these AI scams, the RCMP advises the public to be cautious when receiving unsolicited phone calls or emails, especially if they ask for personal information or money. It is also important to verify the identity of the person or organization before providing any information or making any payments.

Reporting AI Scams

If you believe an AI scam has targeted you, the RCMP urges you to report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and your local police department. By reporting these scams, you can help prevent others from becoming victims.

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