Anne Arundel County shooting, barricade leaves one person dead

On the morning of December 18, 2023 there was a fatal shooting involving Anne Arundel County police that left one person dead. According to initial reports, police responded to a home in Pasadena, Maryland for a domestic disturbance call. When officers arrived, a man barricaded himself inside the home with a firearm.

The Shooting

After attempts to de-escalate the situation were unsuccessful, the man exited the home still armed. At some point during the interaction, at least one officer opened fire, striking the man. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The Maryland Office of the Attorney General is now investigating the shooting as they do with all officer-involved shootings that result in death in the state.

History of Officer-Involved Shootings in Anne Arundel County

Unfortunately, this is not the first officer-involved shooting to occur in Anne Arundel County in recent years. In September 2022, a 48-year-old man was fatally shot by Anne Arundel police officers during a confrontation. In September 2021, an Anne Arundel County police officer’s vehicle was shot following a report of a teenager armed with a gun. Clearly there is a history here between Anne Arundel police and the community that likely contributed to the tragic outcome in this most recent case.

The community has expressed concerns about the use of deadly force by Anne Arundel police officers in the past. Many residents feel the police department has not done enough to establish trust and prevent these kinds of confrontations from turning lethal. Local activists have called for policy reforms, including more de-escalation training, oversight of officers involved in previous shootings, and the use of non-police responders for certain 911 calls involving issues like mental health crises.

The investigation into this latest shooting could uncover important context about the history of tensions and help identify ways to change police procedures and build community relationships. The outcome will also shed light on whether the officers followed proper protocols around the use of force.

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