A Discovery of Witches Season 2: Date, Cast, and Trailer

Are you someone who loves to watch fantasy drama? If yes, A Discovery of Witches can be a good series to watch!

The series is based on the All Souls Trilogy novel written by Deborah Harkness and introduces the writers to a fantasy world where witches, vampires, and demons live and breed secretly amidst human society. 

The story mainly revolves around the witch Diana and vampire Matthew and the deep romance between them. The novel series has been a best-seller, and viewers have loved the television version of it.

Ever since season 1 of the show was released in 2018, fans have been hooked to it, and they were waiting for the next season as soon as the first season came to an end.

The response from the audiences had left the makers thrilled too, and they have been ever excited for the shoots and been quick with it too. Nonetheless, the audiences had to wait for almost 2years before the next season was released.

While the release was planned for 2020, everyone knows what happened and that inevitable delayed the launch of the next season of the show.

Nonetheless, after a long wait of 2years, the fans got the good news, and the season was finally released in January 2021. Here’s everything that you need to know about the same!

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Release Date

A Discovery of Witches has been a tempting fantasy romance series based on a world full of witches, vampires, and demons who live among humans who remain unaware of the creatures breeding amidst them.

Given the exciting plot, the audiences have loved season 1 and probably wanted a lot more than the eight episodes that aired.

So, fulfilling the wishes of their viewers, the makers were all set to come with season 2, and it does have two more episodes than the previous seasons.

The season was planned to air in 2020. However, the pandemic situation delayed it, and the audiences had to wait more than they already had.

Nonetheless, the beginning of 2021 was happy and exciting for A Discovery of Witches fans as Season 2 was released on January 8, 2021, in the UK and subsequently on January 9, 2021, in the USA and Canada.

As such, it’s been almost a year since the release of Season 2, and those who wish to watch it can totally binge it now, especially when Season 3 is on the charts, all set for launch in 2022.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Cast

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The cast of A Discovery of Witches is as exciting as the show itself. The old faces and characters stay put in the show with Teresa Palmer starring as the witch Diana Bishop and Matthew Goode starring as the vampire Matthew Clairmont.

In fact, the entire story revolves around the romance between the two, and season 2 is essentially about the quest of Diana and Matthew to find a powerful witch in Elizabethan, London, to help Diana control her magic and power as she searches for the Book of Life.

The role of this powerful witch, Goody Aslop, is played by Sheila Hancock, and it’s exciting to see her teach and guide Diana.

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Besides that, there are many other faces from Season 1 playing their part in Season 2 as well, some of the most prominent ones being Louise Brealey as Gillian Chamberlane (a fellow-witch with Diana), Alex Kingston as Sarah Bishop (Diana’s aunt), Owen Teale as Peter Knox (a witch and member of congregation), and Lindsay Duncan as Ysabeau de Clairmont (Matthew’s mother).

In addition to these recurring cast members from Season 1, Season 2 also has Tom Hughes playing Christopher (Kit) Marlowe, a playwright and friend to Matthew, Steven Cree as Gallowglass (vampire and Matthew’s nephew), James Purefow as Phillipe de Clairmont (Matthew’s stepfather), Elaine Cassidy as Louisa de Clairmont (Matthew’s sister), and there are more to the list.

As such, the entire family of Diana and Matthew unfolds as part of the cast in Season 2, and it’s exciting to see the story go in the past, revealing unknown things.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Trailer

Well, you can just go ahead and binge-watch the entire season. However, if you wish to know what’s in store, you will love watching its trailer as well, which shows Diana and Matthew hiding from the congregation in Elizabethan and finding the powerful witch Goody Aslop to teach Diana as she searches for the Book of Life.

The trailer is thrilling as it puts light on the dangers to come in the life of Diana, Matthew, and all others related to them.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Spoilers

Well, if you haven’t read the book or watched the season, then we would suggest that you stay out of this section. However, we cannot stop ourselves from revealing some of the most exciting events in the season.

While Diana’s and Matthews’s goals were clear to find the witch tutor and Book of Life, they are unexpectedly thrown into a past dating back to 1500years. As they time travel to the past, trying to understand the things unfolding before them, their enemies find out about their actions in the present day and are after the couple’s family and loved ones.

As a result, Diana’s aunt, Sarah, has to take refuge under Matthew’s mother, Ysabeau de Clairmont, who also happens to be a witch hunter.

Meanwhile, Sophie gets pregnant with a witch, which puts her life in danger, and her close confidants, Miriam and Marcus, take her under their wing of protection.

So, there are a lot of things happening within the story at once, and it’s exciting to see all these related events unfold one after the other.

Final Words

A Discovery of Witches is an exciting series, something every fantasy lover is going to love to the core. Both the Seasons have been a hit and are available for the viewers to watch.

Additionally, the Season 3 of the show is coming soon enough. So, stay tuned!

Happy Streaming!

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