5 Things to Know About the I-70 Killer’s Case

The I-70 Killer was a serial killer who terrorized the Midwest in the spring of 1992. Here are five things to know about the case.


1. The Killer’s Murder Spree

The I-70 Killer went on a 29-day-long murder spree in the spring of 1992. Starting on April 8 in Indianapolis, the killer committed six confirmed murders across Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. The victims were all women between the ages of 15 and 34, and all were shot to death.

2. The Killer’s Modus Operandi

The I-70 Killer’s modus operandi targeted women alone, usually at rest areas or gas stations along the interstate. He would approach them, ask for directions, and then shoot them at close range. The killer was known to be organized and meticulous, leaving few clues behind.

3. The Investigation

The investigation into the I-70 Killer’s case was one of the largest in the history of the Midwest. Law enforcement agencies from multiple states worked together to track down the killer. Despite a massive manhunt, the killer was never caught.

4. Possible Suspects

Over the years, several suspects have been named in connection with the I-70 Killer’s case. In 2019, the FBI released a statement saying they believed the killer may have been a long-haul truck driver. They also released a composite sketch of the suspect based on witness descriptions.

5. The Legacy

The I-70 Killer’s case remains one of the most notorious unsolved murder cases in the Midwest. The killer’s identity remains a mystery, and the victims’ families continue to seek closure. The case has also impacted law enforcement, leading to increased cooperation between agencies and improved communication and technology.

Remembering the Victims

As we remember the I-70 Killer’s case, it’s important to remember the victims. Tammy L. Walls, 36, of Indianapolis; Annamarie Phelps, 18, of Grand Junction, Colorado; Nancy Kitzmiller, 24, of Indianapolis; Sarah Blessing, 37, of Terre Haute, Indiana; Patricia Smith, 23, of Leawood, Kansas; and Patricia Magers, 32, of Raytown, Missouri

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