Improving Economic Opportunity For Maryland’s War Heroes

Maryland provides a home for some 400,000 veterans according to government statistics. Unfortunately, the economic security and opportunity that they deserve, and need, is not always present. Maryland does not feature in CNBC’s top ranking of states for veterans to live in, and it has seen veteran unemployment rise above the national average since 2019. Veterans arguably deserve the full support of society, public and private business. In Maryland, some measures are helping, but could go further.
Beating homelessness
Veterans are impacted by a complex range of mental health conditions, paired with the system shock of moving from service to civilian life. As a result, many veterans find themselves homeless, unable to manage the stresses of modern life and keep their own home going. While Governor Hogan has announced a downward trend in such homelessness, more needs to be done to help. Hero Loan ( has highlighted one step on the ladder – through VA loans. These can help those less fortunate, but with good credit rates, to take advantage, by removing deposits. In Maryland, this type of offer is growing, and helping veterans to obtain gainful employment.
Better jobs
Extending better employment opportunities to veterans will help them to get the job opportunities they need, build their careers, and foster stability in their private lives. Baltimore has been a center in the state for improving provisions in this regard. 2 WMAR Baltimore highlight the ever-growing size and importance of the RecruitMilitary-DAV veteran job fair, exclusively for veterans and their families. Veterans could be the crucial workforce members of the future, helping to bridge skills gaps, making these schemes critical.
The economy
The American economy and labor market is currently going through a skills shortage. Veterans, with their propensity for flexibility and on-the-job thinking, are proposed to be one of the highest potential groups to fill the void. The SHRM also note that employers who attract and retain veterans are rewarded with employees that outperform others on their workforce. Veterans should be identified and given all the help they can to find gainful employment – it will benefit them, society, and their employer.
Giving veterans that stable footing to advance in their career and life is the first step. Actually providing the opportunities that will help them, and their employers, to flourish, comes next. Veterans are the great untapped labor force; making changes today will empower future generations of veterans.

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