5 Reasons Why Restaurants Are Switching To QR Code Menus

Covid has necessitated everyone to ditch physical menus to revive a long-awaited technology that has proven to be a hit. Restaurants have undergone a massive technology upgrade during the Covid era through Quick Response QR codes. The significance of QR codes got a practical implementation once the news about the spread of the virus through the ‘surface’ became clear. The “contactless” phase that encouraged reducing the contact between customers and employees, right from ordering food to making payments, has given rise to a massive transformation after that. Even the current era has saved restaurant owners from the hassles of re-printing the menus arising due to periodic updates. The apparent dependence for a digital menu that ensures operational efficiency has made the QR codes a massive hit since then.

QR code menu Means?

QR code or QR Menu means “Quick Response” Code. It consists of pixilated arrays which store contact information, discounts, social media links, and web-based apps that quickly turns into visually captivating rich menus where you can create payments too. The consumers know the available menu of a particular restaurant the moment they scan the code through mobile where they are able to browse, select their desired dishes, send the order and finally make the “Online” payment. In short, the complete phase is devoid of any “Contacts”. So, re-printing physical menus has become a big “No” now.

Is the QR code menu free to create and use?

Yes, the QR code menu can be freely created and used. QR Code Menus has become the “Next Normal” phase for restaurants. Since, the whole idea of showing the digital menu hardly takes a minute, right from uploading the menu in PDF format to converting it into a QR code. Importantly, it creates a safe well-being for prized consumers who are likely to return too. This digital transformation is the answer to the long pending desire of customers to order the food right when they enter the premises, irrespective of the long queues. Restaurants can print QR Code menu on prominently visible locations such as on all the tables, near the entrance, or at the order counter. Even the restaurant staff can have the QR code handy for more ease.

Let’s now take a look at the following reasons QR codes have become an integral part:-

QR Menus creates a pleasant phase for customers

Customers choose your restaurant over others with the expectation of getting prompt service with their food orders. They expect friendly and attentive staff who can make their short stay pleasant and cheerful through the timely check-out process. Isn’t it? Customers can now immediately place an order after stepping into a crowded restaurant. Nothing is better than directly sending your order to the kitchen thanks to a QR code menu. It significantly reduces the time from traditional orders, where the staff doesn’t need to stand near the table to get your order. An improved dining experience is directly related to the minimum possible time taken to bring your hot and sumptuous orders. The flow of meals hugely matters.

QR codes fairly offer flexible payment options

Customers are your asset and if they are free to make payments during the checkout process with the available options, they will repeatedly bring more business. QR code restaurant payments can help the customers split the bill in case of a large party, as per their convenience, without asking for a certain time from staff in this regard.

QR code empowers the customers to be in the driver’s seat

QR code has become another name for ensuring a satisfied base of customers who are likely to visit again. The QR code is like a tool that sets the pace of meals for them, along with the checkout process. Even restaurant that works on operational efficiency, realize that technology actually simplifies their work right from ‘otherwise’ long processing of bills in order to engage their staff more towards serving customers better. It streamlines workflows while ensuring 100% accurate orders. After all, the onus for creating a pleasant experience rests on the wait staff who can now give more attention to the needs of guests.

Updating Digital QR Menu is simple and easy

Restaurants often have to undergo “updates” in their menu due to seasonal changes that can now do easily without re-printing the cards that otherwise cost huge. After all, that’s the charisma of a digital menu where you can also highlight “Specials of the day”. Digital menus can clearly have food images attached to menu items, creating a sense of attraction for customers to order them. In short, you can change prices, menu items apart from adding or removing dishes without incurring any additional costs, thanks to QR menus.

QR code also serves as a marketing tool

The code allows the restaurants to have the contact information of the customers which they can use for bringing more business by sending offers, deals or discounts, etc. The list’s purity lies in how the restaurants can cement their relationship with the guests. Additionally, as a restaurant owner, you can design your brand logo for the world to see, thanks to the customizable features associated with QR code generators. The digital menu can entice the consumers for ordering more, where you can add desserts, drinks, etc. All you have to do is place the banner on the code’s landing page.

Final Thoughts

The food service industry has seen a massive change. Contactless payment methods such as QR codes represent a revolution after Covid. The world is currently witnessing heavy dependence on QR codes right from Europe, North America, Asia or even pockets of Africa.  Restaurants and eateries have seen whopping engagement during the pandemic, signifying that QR codes have become the new “Found Way” to pay the food service industry. You will realize the heavy usage of QR codes that have spread everywhere right from merchandise, flyers, apparel, and stickers as well. QR code restaurant payments improve customers’ experience while streamlining the workflows for smoother operations deriving from order accuracy, smoother payment options, greater wait staff engagement, smooth flow of meals, and so on.

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