Awesome Features And Tools Of PDFBear That You Should Try Using Right Now

If you never tried using PDFBear before, this is your perfect chance to know some of the key features and tools you should know about PDFBear. PDFBear has been providing excellent PDF tools for a couple of years now, and until now, PDFBear is still on the top when it comes to PDF tasks. Here’s the reason why.

PDFBear’s Easy To Use Adding Page Numbers To PDF Tool

This is the perfect time to learn how you can add page to PDF using PDFBear’s most reliable PDF page adding tool. If you’re a starter or a beginner in handling PDF kinds of stuff, you should take your time and internalize everything written in this article. This provides some excellent insight on how you can use PDFBear’s tools such as this one.

Adding specific numbers to your PDF pages using PDFBear’s tool is very easy when you know how to use it, of course. This is your chance to learn about PDFBear and its useful tools. But first, you should also know that you can access all of the tools and features of PDFBear through your web browser, which means you don’t need to install any software.

There are four things that you only need to remember or bear when using this tool. The first one is choosing your file and transferring it to PDFBear’s tool. Right after you transfer your file, you just need to wait for the upload to be completed. The third part is choosing the position where you want to put your number. Just click “Number Pages,” and you’re done.

As you can see, the actual process is straightforward. With the help of PDFBear, adding specific numbers to the pages of your PDF is more than easier than ever. Aside from having an easy and quick process. You also get to experience an excellent online protection system. But the most essential benefit that you’ll get from using this tool is its superior quality.

Interactive PDF Editor

If you’re trying to find an outstanding PDF editor to edit your PDF documents, then PDFBear’s PDF Editor is the best option as of now. This PDF Editor of PDFBear offers an effortless editing process that you will not find anywhere on the internet right now. It’s also 100% secured, which means that your PDF document is secured from any type of online threat.

To start editing your PDF document, just transfer your file or PDF document to PDFBear’s PDF Editor online tool. PDFBear will allow you to draw, highlight some information, type text, and even add different types of shapes. Just click “Apply” if you’re done editing your PDF document. PDFBear will just route you to its download page so that you can retrieve your file.

As you’ve seen above, editing a particular PDF document using PDFBear’s editing tool is pretty easy. It just means that PDFBear did a fantastic job of creating a very user-friendly interface. With PDFBear, you’re always up to date since it’s using the cloud system, which means they can just easily update to a newer version for a better experience.

PDF Reader

With PDFBear’s impressive PDF Reader online tool, you’ll be able to print, share, transfer, and even preview your PDF document with ease. There aren’t so many PDF reader tools on the internet that now offer the same quality, precision, and reliability that PDFBear has. If you’re in search of the most reliable tool right now, this is for you.

When using PDFBear’s PDF Reader tool, you can just drag and drop your file or PDF from your internal computer storage to PDFBear’s PDF Reader tool page. You can access its page by using your web browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more. Once done, PDFBear will provide or present your file in a viewable presentation.

PDFBear’s PDF file viewer or reader doesn’t only allow you to view your PDF document; you can also edit it if needed, making it unique from other PDF Reader tools. If you want to download your file back, you can just click or press “Download,” and you can have your PDF back to your computer storage.


Overall, PDFBear provides excellent PDF readers for quality preview sharing, printing, and preview option. It also offers exceptional editing tools if you need to edit something in your file. Furthermore, numbering some pages on your PDF will also be very easy when you’re using PDFBear. 

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