5 festive Quarantine Christmas ideas to double your joy in 2020

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home and adding on to the current scenario with the concerns and aftermaths of pandemic looming large, many families are setting their minds to have individual celebrations. Yes, there’s an exception for the time being far from joint celebrations where we used to move out for days to together. Hence, the following post is about the quarantine Christmas ideas you can enjoy yourself while maintaining social distancing

Decorate Christmas cookies

It is the time of festivities again, so as per the saying, “Home is where the heart is”. And importantly, your delicious cuisines make way for a richer aroma this time of the year, as you really long for sometime mouth watering. This is where baking cookies prove to be a fun-filled day time activity to create a “smell-good” factor for your house. You need to have frostings and cutters to give your activities a boost. 

Initiate a video call with Santa

Every year has been a traditional witness to how we have been celebrating festivities and that includes meeting Santa, but this year is an exception. However, you can still chat with him on phone. Yes, there are online apps through which you can pay a nominal amount to initiate a video conversation with Kris Kringle. Here you can manage to include as many as three children where you also have the convenience to keep the video’s recording as well. 

Create Christmas masks

Crafting is a fun-filled exercise where many of us find solace in doing certain things as per our expectations. Likewise, our fun and joy becomes even more with the onset of festivities and that includes creating cute masks out of paper plates for a fun Christmas craft. These will be cut outs of the usual Santa face masks which you can use to commemorate this special occasion in style. 

Sing Christmas Karaoke

You don’t have to be associated with a musical family or group to create an undeniably fun and frolic during this festive mood. So, why not invest in a Karaoke mic and create an enhanced time of your life?

Host an online party

How can Christmas celebrations be devoid of hosting a party? Well, make this time of the year more exciting, enjoyable and friendly even though you won’t be able to get together and enjoy like the way you have been doing in the past. So, what’s stopping you to send a Zoom link and host an online party? In order to make the party even more interesting, lively and enjoyable be ready with few games and conversation starters and bang on, you will ensure some of the best moments of your life with perfection. 

Final thoughts

Finally, as you have gone through the post, you know that you have pretty great number of ideas right at your disposal. What seems to be just an ordinary festive moment can be turned into hip and happening with few creative, artistic and awesome changes during this quarantine Christmas time. Isn’t great?

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