10 Inspiring Employee Recognition Ideas for You

These days, a lot has changed in how things are done in the working areas. Organizations no longer consider employee recognition as a necessity but a must-have. They are looking for modern staff recognition ideas since the traditional ones are overused.

Workers in companies that embrace suitable employee appreciation activities have produced better results and enjoy working in the organizations. There are several modern-day ideas that organizations can choose to acknowledge their employees. Below are the top 10 that you can choose for your firm.

1. Use the Internet to Acknowledge Your Staff

Use the company’s social media platforms to acknowledge your employees in public. That can show that you value their contribution to the company. Additionally, you’ll be letting the world know about your company and its values.

The recognized employees will likely share the appreciation posts on their social media platforms for their followers to see. You can include details like who the employees are, their role in the company, why you think they deserve the appreciation, and how they’ve affected the organization.

2. Surprise Workers on Their Special Days

You can allow employees to spend their special days away from the regular working schedule, such as anniversaries and birthdays. That can show them the importance of their resilience to the company’s success.

You may even organize a surprise birthday party at the workplace for them. Find out what they like and get them some appreciation gifts. You may also have some birthday cards written by other employees and a cake for the day!

3. Plan for Days to Work Away from the Office

There are times when workers are only required to change their working environment for productivity and commitment to improving. Look for a good place where your employees can go and work from depending on their needs. Before going for the day, ensure to let the employees know why you planned for it. That is because you should inform employees about the reason for the acknowledgment.

4. Use Hand-written Notes

Using notes to appreciate your staff can make a lot of difference. Leave an appreciation message on the note and explain to them the reason for the recognition. You may place it on the worker’s table to find it a surprise when they report to work.

5. Use Awards to Appreciate Your Workers

Look for an object, such as a trophy, to give to your workers at different times of the month or year. You can give it to any employee who produces outstanding results in their work and let them have it placed on their desk for an agreed period. Let all of them understand why you are giving the award away to work hard to get it. The employee recognition awards should be given to different people during different periods.

6. Provide Your Staff with Opportunities that Develop their Careers

As the company’s director, the best thing you should do for your staff is understand their abilities and advance their careers. That indicates that you trust them and are willing to help them build their careers. You may also request them to advise new workers who join the organization. That is also a way of professional development since the staff will try new opportunities that help them improve their skills.

7. Have a Staff Wall of Fame

You can use a wall of fame to highlight your workers’ achievements. It will also be a good way of displaying your organization’s culture for anyone interested to see. Take snaps of your workers’ accomplishments and display them on the wall for all to see. You can add captions about what they’ve done for the company on the photos. You may also include pictures of achievements by different teams in the company.

8. Appreciate Your Workers Using Small Random Treats

You may choose to surprise your staff with an unexpected break. It could also be a great idea if you brought in some snacks to enjoy during their coffee break. You may wrap the treats using boxes that contain the reason for the appreciation.

9. Send Thank You Cards

You can send some appreciation cards to your employees to their home addresses. This can impress them a lot now that not many people send cards through mails these days. Ensure that the cards explain why you recognize them.

10. Use Tees to Award Employees

Provide your staff with different tees to wear on specific days. They may have appreciation messages printed on them. You can even have different tees indicating the firm’s ethics for the workers to wear. They will work hard to have all the different tees and to make the company proud.


Companies try out different appreciation ideas for their workers. Employees who get recognition from their company leaders become more hard-working and productive. The above are some of the ideas you can use for recognizing your staff.

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