Tips for Motivating Your Employees

Running a business can bring with it a wide range of challenges, especially when you have workers from different generations with different needs working for you. Finding ways to accommodate everyone and keep your business moving forward may feel like a big struggle. The upside is, though, that there can be simple ways to stay focused and get the most out of your team. If you are looking for ways to motivate your employees and keep them supported and engaged, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Do the Research

Taking some time to do research before you make any big changes in your business can be important. This can be especially true if you have people from different generations working for you. Learning about worker productivity by age group (generation) can make a difference in finding the right approach to work with each of them. The reality is that Baby Boomers will often have different needs than an employee from Generation Z. Taking some time to figure out what each group needs can help you meet their unique needs and support them in being their most productive.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools can also help you to support your employees better. Having technology that can simplify and streamline their tasks can help boost productivity, and help ease some stress that comes with routine tasks. Additionally, being mindful that employees of different ages will have different needs when it comes to the tools that will help them best is necessary. Some employees may be more comfortable with technology, while others may need other forms of support. Being mindful of this can make a difference in how well each employee is able to work. 

Be More Flexible

Flexibility is key if you want to keep your employees motivated. This is especially true if you have employees in different age ranges. For example, younger employees may feel more comfortable working at odd hours, or later in the evening. Older employees may feel better getting their start early in the day.

By giving your employees some leeway about when they complete tasks, you can help ensure that they feel comfortable and are their most productive. Even though it may make things a little more difficult for you to manage at first as you are adjusting to each employee and their needs, the reality is that in the long run it can help you and your employees to be more productive, and reach new and exciting goals. 

Ask for Feedback – And Use It

If you truly want to motivate your employees, you need to ask for feedback on a regular basis. The reality is that even if you feel that you are staying on top of everything, there may be things that are going unnoticed. Additionally, your employees will see things from a different perspective than you will. This means that they will be clued into things you might not notice. Respecting the fact that your employees will have the information you do not is one of the first key steps to getting meaningful feedback that you can use to grow your business. 

Beyond simply asking for feedback, you need to make sure that you put it into action. While not all of the feedback you get may be useful for moving your company in the direction you want, it is important to take the feedback you get seriously. If you frequently ask your employees for feedback and then don’t use it, you will not be able to build trust with them. They will feel that you don’t believe what they are saying to you, or that you don’t take their opinions or views seriously. By implementing their feedback where you can, you are showing employees that they are a valuable part of the company and that what they have to say makes a difference. 

Showing your employees that they matter to the company in this way can be very motivating, and can help encourage them to take on new tasks and responsibilities. The more that your employees see themselves reflected in the business, the more that they will want to invest their best efforts towards seeing it grow. 

Some Last Considerations

Running a business can be a complex task, especially when you have employees of different generations working for you. That said, there are many ways to become more flexible and keep your employees meaningfully engaged. The more that you can do this, the stronger your relationships with your employees will be, and the stronger your company will be as a result. 

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