Who Needs a Contract Lawyer?

When businesses or individuals form relationships, it sometimes involves entering official agreements to prevent future disputes. Both parties want to ensure both sides remain committed to such agreements to lower the risk of disappointment.

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As a business owner in San Diego or someone hoping to build beneficial relationships, drafting and signing contracts is inevitable. If you expect to achieve the same level of commitment from another party, you can only do so by signing a contract. 

You may need a San Diego contract attorney to ensure you get the most from your agreements. 

If you’re still wondering whether or not you need a contract lawyer, read below to find out. 

People who need contract lawyers

Generally, you will need a contract lawyer for any situation involving creating agreements, handling disputes, or ensuring an agreement goes smoothly. Still wondering who needs a contract lawyer?

Here’s a list of examples:


As a freelancer, you will probably need a contract lawyer. It doesn’t matter what service you provide to a company, you should draft a contract to avoid any disputes. 

In the contract, you and the company should state your terms so that each party can uphold their end of the agreement. This will prevent unnecessary disputes like the company asking for more than was agreed upon or them not paying you the agreed fees. 

You should ask a contract lawyer to help you draft the contract before presenting it. If the company is giving you the contract, ask a contract lawyer to review it and ensure it is favorable and in line with US contract law.

Property owners and real estate agents

If you are a property owner who wants to lease or rent your building, you will need a contract lawyer. You can never predict how well a tenant will treat your property, even if you know them personally. This is why you must state terms for both parties to agree to.

State the duration, fees, and each party’s responsibilities, during the contract period. It is a good idea to hire a contract lawyer to draft this for you. This is because they have experience with similar situations and can foresee possibilities you may not be aware of.

Furthermore, if you’re a real estate agent, buyer, seller, or investor involved in a real estate transaction, you need a contract lawyer. This will help to prevent disputes and ensure no one rips you off.


As a successful inventor or trademark owner, people will likely approach you with proposals to produce, use or sell your invention or trademark. You may be tempted to grant permission without thinking it over, but doing so isn’t wise, as the other party may try to take advantage of your leniency.

Hire a contract lawyer to draft a contract with favorable terms for you. In the agreement, you can describe how you want things to operate. If, later on, they breach your contract, you can reach out to your lawyer for what to do.

Business owners

Business owners, most importantly, need to hire a contract lawyer as many of their duties involve networking and relationship building. As a business owner, you will interact with suppliers, freelancers, investors, and employees, so it is necessary to have a business contract in place. 

Many business owners have contract lawyers as part of their staff team. The lawyer can help you draft NDAs for your employees and contract staff and agreements for your investors and suppliers. 

While drawing up a contract on your own may not be that difficult, will you be getting the right deal for yourself, and is your business secure? A contract lawyer will ensure you get the best terms and the highest security for your business. 

Insurance companies

Insurance companies need contract lawyers, either as part of their team or for certain agreement situations. Contracts are essential for you and your clients, whether they are receiving an insurance package from you or their company wants insurance benefits for their employees.

Business partners

You need a contract lawyer if you are entering a partnership, especially if it’s business related. Your company may be in the process of merging with another, and it’s not ideal to enter a major agreement without a lawyer’s input.

To draw up a favorable contract for you and your business partner, hire a lawyer, and make sure they are present during the negotiation and signing of the contract.

Indications that you need a contract lawyer

There are several situations that may require a contract lawyer. You may even be in a situation where you need one and don’t know it. Verify whether you should hire a lawyer with the following indicators:

You want to negotiate with another party

You need a contract lawyer if you’re in the process of negotiating with another party. Contract lawyers can help to ensure a negotiation goes in your favor. They will review the existing contract, research your needs and that of the other party, and will help you get the most out of the negotiation.

You are about to sign a new contract

It can be risky to sign a contract without a lawyer to look it through. While there might be no apparent harm, you should always ask a lawyer to look over it. If the contract is simple, short, or an edited template, it’s a sign you should talk to a lawyer. They will help ensure the contract is favorable to both parties and isn’t missing anything.

You need assistance with contract research or writing

Hire a lawyer if you need help with contract research and writing. This is especially true if you’re a business owner who often deals with individuals or companies who will contribute to your business. The lawyer will do the research on your behalf and write terms that make sense for you and the other party.

You are drafting a contract for an employee or a client

Before giving a contract to your client, have a lawyer ensure that the terms are clear and binding. The same goes for when hiring an employee. A contract lawyer will create favorable terms for you and the other parties involved.


You may need a contract lawyer more than you think. As long as your dealings with the other party are not casual and are instead for mutual or financial benefits — you should have a contract. A contract makes sure that both parties stick to their end of the bargain and ensures everyone involved is treated fairly. 

If you need to write a contract or are looking to sign one, hire a contract lawyer. 

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