Who Else Has Brandi Glanville Slept With?

Brandi Glanville has been in the spotlight for years, thanks to her appearances on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and high-profile relationships. In recent years, however, she has been at the center of a scandal involving her alleged affairs with some of her fellow cast members on the show. In this article, we will explore the rumors surrounding Brandi’s alleged affairs and try to answer the question: Who else has Brandi Glanville slept with?

The Denise Richards Affair Rumors

One of the most significant rumors surrounding Brandi Glanville’s alleged affairs involves her supposed relationship with Denise Richards, another cast member on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” In 2020, it was reported that Brandi had told some of her fellow cast members that she had slept with Denise. Denise initially denied the rumors but later admitted that she and Brandi had kissed but had not slept together.

Other Alleged Affairs

In addition to the rumors surrounding Denise Richards, there have been rumors of Brandi Glanville’s affairs with her fellow cast members. In 2013, she claimed that she had a fling with Carlton Gebbia, another cast member on the show. However, Carlton denied the rumors and said that she was happily married.

There have also been rumors that Brandi had an affair with Kim Richards, Denise’s close friend and former cast member on the show. However, Brandi and Kim have denied the rumors, and no concrete evidence exists to support them.

Brandi’s Response

Brandi Glanville has been vocal in her defense throughout the scandal surrounding her alleged affairs. She has denied many rumors and said that her fellow cast members are unfairly targeting her. In a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said that she had never slept with anyone on the show and that the rumors were “a bunch of bullsh*t.”

In conclusion, the question of who else Brandi Glanville has slept with remains unanswered. While there have been rumors of affairs with several of her fellow cast members on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” there is no concrete evidence to support them. Despite the scandal, Brandi has continued to defend herself and maintain her innocence. Only time will tell if the truth about her alleged affairs will ever be revealed.

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