Veterans Day 2023 Bank Holiday: Honoring Those Who Served


Veterans Day, observed on November 11th each year, is a significant national holiday in the United States dedicated to honoring the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In 2023, Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, raising questions about whether it will be observed as a bank holiday. This article delves into the history and significance of Veterans Day and addresses whether it will be regarded as a bank holiday in 2023.

The Purpose and Significance of Veterans Day

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Veterans Day 2023 Bank Holiday: Honoring Those Who Served

The Origins of Veterans Day:

Veterans Day, initially known as Armistice Day, has its roots in the end of World War I. On November 11, 1918, the armistice was signed, effectively ending the hostilities on the Western Front. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November 11th as Armistice Day in 1919 to honor the veterans of World War I. The day was celebrated with parades and public gatherings, and it became an official national holiday in 1938.

In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill into law, officially changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day. The intention was to expand the holiday’s scope to honor all veterans, not just those from World War I. Since then, Veterans Day has been celebrated as a day to pay tribute to all American veterans for their service and sacrifice.

The Significance of Veterans Day:

Veterans Day holds great significance as it provides an opportunity for the nation to collectively express gratitude and appreciation to those who have served in the military. It is a day to reflect on the selfless sacrifices made by our veterans, as they have protected and defended the freedoms and values that we hold dear.

Veterans Day is marked by ceremonies, parades, and various events across the country, with schools, government offices, and many businesses closed to allow people to participate in these activities. Many communities organize special events, such as concerts, historical reenactments, and military equipment displays, to honor veterans.

Will Veterans Day 2023 Be a Bank Holiday?

In the United States, federal holidays, including Veterans Day, can sometimes be observed on a different day if the holiday falls on a weekend. When Veterans Day falls on a Saturday, it is typically considered a federal holiday the following Monday, making it a three-day weekend. This allows for more people to participate in the various events and activities held to honor veterans.

In the case of Veterans Day 2023, which falls on a Saturday, the federal observance will likely occur on the following Monday, November 13, 2023. This means that many government offices, post offices, and banks will be closed on that Monday. However, it’s essential to verify the exact observance date with local authorities, as the official declaration may vary by state or locality.


Veterans Day is a cherished holiday in the United States, a day when the nation unites to express gratitude and admiration for those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In 2023, Veterans Day falling on a Saturday means that the federal observance will likely be the following Monday, allowing for a long weekend of remembrance and appreciation for our veterans. Whether it is observed on a Saturday or Monday, the sentiment behind Veterans Day remains the same – to honor, thank, and remember the brave individuals who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country and its freedoms.

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