UMD celebrating Earth Fest

UMD is celebrating mother nature! Thanks to @umdssc, @sustainableUMD, @UMDreslife and @MarylandRHA. They even taught everyone how to live more sustainably alongside the environment through the Earth Fest held last week on Wednesday, April 20, 2023. It was primarily a fun activity with more than 30 interactive exhibits from various campus departments and student groups.

There is no denying that spreading awareness for the environment is the need of the hour in today’s times, mainly when there has been a tremendous surge in global warming and other environmental concerns.

The outdoor festival organized by the UMD

This festival included various activities, including free clothing swaps, live music, different recreational activities, upcycling crafts, food, prizes, and many other things. The main aim of this Earth Fest is to ensure that you can help people around to imbibe a sense of awareness wherein they can all come together and do something that would nurture the creation of a more sustainable environment. Thus, the campus community is brought together so that the student groups can also participate. You can ask for the campus departments to put on some knowledge regarding environmental justice.

It is always essential to involve oneself in some or the other activities wherein you can start aiming towards teaching about environmental sustainability and justice to your fellow mates and even your juniors. From yoga to lawn games and plant giveaways, you will feel a little more alive when you are engrossed in such wonderful activities. These activities are designed to offer you hands-on exposure to joyful activities from the students and even the campus organizations to respond well.

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