MDSP investigating on a burglary in a convenience store

The cases being reported for burglary are increasing rapidly over time. Recently, the MDSP Police have been investigating a case wherein a man and a vehicle were captured in the CCTV camera footage. He was involved with an attempted burglary at a convenience store on Old Ocean City Rd in Pittsville. He was driving a gray, ’06-’09 Ford Fusion, w/ DE registration.

The CCTV footage is the only evidence for the police department to find out the man involved in such a severe crime. Although the CCTV footage was recorded and the post went viral on Twitter, no report to get hold of the man’s identity has been revealed so far!

Police are trying hard to ensure the suspect gets the appropriate punishment and must be identified as soon as possible before he moves around to harm someone elsewhere!

A man dressed in black attempted the burglary with a grey car

The burglary case that is under interrogation as of now had figured out evidence of footage of the camera in which a man was covered entirely in black. Even his face was not visible underneath. Except for his eyes, everything was covered.

Also, there was a grey colored car that was right at the back of the man. The police are now urging all the people to share information they might have with them by reaching out to Salisbury BK at (410) 749-3101. Indeed, this was important, and the police had taken it up with utmost sincerity. However, getting over this burglary case has become the need of the hour to set an example before all for the growing scenes in Maryland over the past years.

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