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Tom Hardy’s Havoc: The Movie – Cast, Plot, Storyline

Netflix is doubling down on overall deals with talented and award-winning filmmakers, making the most recent one with Gareth Evans (Apostle, Gangs of London). The first project to come out of this deal will be Havoc, a crime drama starring Tom Hardy (The Revenant, Venom). Evans will write and direct the film which is currently in development.

The Havoc movie will also be produced by David Kanter (Apostle) and Nicolas Chartier (Green Room, The Hurt Locker). Havoc is set to start production this year.

Tom Hardy’s Havoc: Cast, Plot, Storyline

Tom Hardy had a tough time filming the crime drama Havoc because he had to wear a fat suit.

What’s the storyline behind Havoc?

According to Deadline, the official logline for Netflix’s Havoc is as follows:

After a botched drug transaction, a wounded detective must battle his way through a criminal underground to save a politician’s estranged kid, all while uncovering a vast web of corruption and conspiracy that has engulfed his whole city.

Havoc starring Tom Hardy release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more
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While the film’s idea isn’t groundbreaking. It lacks any source material, which may appeal to Netflix subscribers who have been overwhelmed by the recent drive for franchises, adaptations, sequels, prequels, and reboots.

Havoc was also notable for being the first film to be approved by Netflix’s new “atypical” division. Which is focused on edgier movies.

Who is the cast in the movie havoc?

The Havoc cast includes Tom Hardy as Detective Nick Raine, Noomi Rapace as Evelyn Powell, and Claire Forlani.

What is the plot of Havoc?

In Havoc a wounded detective must battle his way through a criminal underground to save a politician’s estranged kid while uncovering a vast web of corruption and conspiracy. Havoc is a fast-paced, hardboiled thriller with heart.

What are the reviews for Havoc?

The movie has mixed reviews but seems to be well received by most critics and viewers alike. The storyline in Havoc was one of its strongest points which resulted in many positive ratings from fans.

Who wrote Havoc?

Tom Hardy wrote Havoc himself. Havoc is Tom’s directorial debut and he also stars in the movie as Detective Nick Raine.

What are people saying about Havoc?

Havoc has been described by some viewers as a “must-see” film with an amazing storyline to keep you on your toes. But it seems like most of its reviews have been mixed for various reasons. One being that there isn’t much dialogue throughout the whole film which makes it hard to understand what is happening at times. So far, many fans seem disappointed because they were expecting more from Havo; however, others have said that if you’re looking for something different then this would be a good film to watch!

Is Havoc available on DVD?

Yes, Havoc is available on DVD.

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